The health of women is a complex entity that requires the application of expertise and experience to maintain. Some of the areas that are sensitive to the health of women include obstetrics and gynecology. The dedication of sufficient resources and professionals towards the health of women in regard to these areas of specialization is elemental. In order to ensure that the learners are properly integrated into the women health entity, practicum experiences are essential. This experience exposes the learner to vibrant working environments that can assist them integrate various perspective of theory into a practical experience. Ernestine Wiedenbach’s ideology of nursing practice provides one of the critical guidelines that can be embraced towards enhancing clinical practice. Wiedenbach’s theory emphasizes on the need to embrace a comprehensive approach towards the formulation and implementation of the critical care for all patents (Wiedenbach, 1963). To ensure that the practicum experience is successful, the use of the theory in the formulation and application of aims and objectives is important because they assist in identifying the learning areas and the frameworks that can be applied towards covering all the critical areas.
Some of the goals for the practicum experience includes gaining sufficient experience and confidence through engagement in helpful environment with experts in women issues and other preceptors for consultation. Women health issues are very sensitive and the practicum experience should assist in demonstrating the application of the nursing process in the management of patients in all levels of service delivery to address the complex needs associated with the health of patients (Frontier Nursing University, 2013). The practicum experience will also provide a platform through which demonstration of the collaboration abilities can occur through strategic communication with other healthcare experts towards the management of cost-effective, safe and high-quality services for women obstetrics and gynecology. An essential aim is also to use the practicum experience to make use of the complex systems and facilities towards establishing effective service delivery through other leadership and administrative functions within the advanced clinical care environment. The practicum experience will also assist in the demonstration of Ernestine Wiedenbach’s towards the identification and addressing of the needs and expectation of the patients to enhance their level of satisfaction.

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Some of the objectives for women’s health practicum include to transfer the knowledge and information learnt in classes and theoretical perspectives to the real- life settings in a professional environment with women health issues. To enhance the health of women through health literacy among the women by increasing the level of awareness and inspiring the formulation policies that safeguard the interests of worm in regard to their health. To strengthen the level of skills and professional working competencies in regard to handling the issues that affect women as one of the realistic approaches towards upholding a smooth transition into the clinical care environment (Rollings School of Public Health, 2014). To give a platforms along which the community programs and initiatives can be formed towards the education of women and other members of the society through volunteer engagements to assist them attend to the issues associated with their health. To facilitate good communication with appropriate feedback models to assist the women communicate issues affecting them which is elemental towards the formulation of good corrective mechanisms.

To sum up, the need for the health care experts and learners to commit their efforts and resources towards high-quality services is imperative to health care. Practicum experiences are parts of the progressive approach that can assist the learners to successfully move from their educational engagements to practical working systems to assist them in procuring the required skills and level of confidence. The working aims and objectives give the learners an organized approach for them to cover that all sensitive areas are covered during the practicum experience.