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Rubric Evaluation of Nursing Practice

Abstract An assessment of established nursing practices usually incorporates methods that allow the nurse to develop effective research, and interpersonal skills. This report addresses protocols that highlight the most important portions of assessment rubrics for online learning, and for developing a student’s ability to conduct problem-solving research. The following assessment...

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The Holistic Practice of Nursing

The field of nursing encompasses a wide range of philosophies and practices. Many theorists have written their own nursing theories over the past century. While a nurse must recognize the importance of these theories, a nurse also must develop his or her own philosophy regarding the practice of nursing. By...

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Associate Degree in Nursing: Mission and Philosophy Statement

Here on the associate degree in nursing program (ADN) our mission is to provide a positive teaching and learning environment that promotes self-directed learning, helps assist in developing critical thinking skills and fosters a deep and longstanding passion for nursing. As well as this we are committed to provide a...

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Partial Correlation

Partial correlation is a form of analysis that works to find a correlation between two or more variables once the effects of other variables have been removed allowing for the researcher to either find relationships between the variables that would have been hidden as a result of the removed variables...

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Mentoring, Socialization, and NRPs

In my role as Registered Nurse, I am committed to selecting a program which will best suit my needs and provide me with opportunities for growth and development at a professional level. A residency program is an option and provides opportunities to improve my skillset and to gain exposure to...

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Advocacy in Nursing

Advocating in nursing involves intervening, being mindful of cultural differences, caring for DNR patients, and helping all patients make informed decisions (“Ch. 6 4205 Evidence-Based Practice”, n.d.). As a working nurse I have encountered the problem of medications essential to the patient’s health not being on their insurance plan’s formulary....

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Professional Nursing Organization Report

American Association of Critical-Care Nurses Beginning in 1969, the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) is now the largest specialty nursing organization serving the interests and concerns of over a half million critical care nurses all over the world. The AACN provides education resources to its members so that they...

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Needle Exchange Programs: A Nursing Perspective

Each individual IV drug user injects approximately 1000 times yearly, adding up to millions of injections and creating a tremendous need for reliable sources of clean needles (Syringe Exchange Programs, 2005.) Needle exchange programs offer a way for IV drug users who continue to use substances to safely dispose of...

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Clinical Failure

One of the critical steps in developing new pharmacotherapies is the clinical trial. However, sometimes during this phase unforeseen toxicities may emerge which cause the trial to fail. In fact, one resource asserts that failures in the early stages of drug development associated with toxicity account for 75% of all...

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Why I Want To Be A Nurse

This is a sample "why I want to be a nurse" essay, which is required in order to get admitted to the nursing school. Read on and find out how to show your motivation to become a nurse the best way possible! My main inspiration to become a nurse comes...

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Impact of anxiety on nursing practice

Introduction Nurses often work with patients who experience anxiety in their lives on different levels, which may exacerbate already existing health concerns or create new challenges for patients in other ways. It is expected that nurses will work with patients to identify the potential causes of anxiety and will utilize...

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The Impact of Nursing RN Internship and NCLEX Pass Rates

Problem statement As students join a nursing program, they expect the program to provide them with sufficient skills as well as knowledge so as to pass National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses (NCLEX) and thus becoming practicing nurses. So as to facilitate achievement of students’ expectations, the nursing program...

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The Setting And Context In Which Problem Is Observed

There exist several problems in a clinical environment. Consequently, there is one prevalent problem that I realized in my hospital. The problem is an increase in the number of hospital-acquired infections. Most of the healthcare organizations provide minimal consideration about the registered cases of hospital-acquired infections amongst their distinguished patients....

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FNP Graduation Checklist Inventory and Summary

The intent of this paper is to summarize the purpose and process for nurse practitioners (NPs) obtaining prescription privileges in the state of California. I also discuss what I see as the advantages and disadvantages of having a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) license to be able to prescribe controlled drugs...

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Real World Solving Report

DiscoverThe selected problem is sharp injury among the health care workers. This is indeed a critical issue, at least according to the American Nursing Association. The agency reports that sharp injuries within a healthcare facility usually expose the medical staff to bloodborne pathogens (ANA, 2016). CDC confirms the seriousness of...

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Transition to Practice

Reality shock refers to a situation whereby new nurses face the challenge of implementing the ideal within a constrained work environment. New nurses may become disenchanted during the reality shock period. According to Nagelkerk (2006, p. 15), there are four phases of reality shock, which are the honeymoon, shock, recovery,...

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Why I Want to Become a Nurse

When I was a child I remember being fascinated by the human body, how it worked and how it could heal itself. Like almost all children, I would frequently injure myself in small ways and would come home from school with bumps and cuts on different parts of my body....

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Invisibility of Nursing

Abstract This paper will offer up a discussion of nursing documentation as it relates to patient discharge abstracts and the identification of nursing sensitive outcomes. It will explore the process for developing standards and the role of the American Nurses Association in promoting standardized terminologies, detailing some of the benefits...

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Comparison of Nursing Degrees: The ADN and BSN

A nursing career involves many distinctions in regards to the preparations and credentialing needed to become a professional in the field. For example, nurses may be RNs, or Registered Nurses, NPs, or Nurse Practitioners, LPNS, or Licensed Practical Nurses as well as other distinctions within the profession. In order to...

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Importance of Critical Thinking in Nursing

Critical thinking is at the core of care delivered by a nurse. Broadly speaking, critical thinking is defined as “the disciplined, intellectual process of applying skilful reasoning as a guide to belief or action” (Paul, Ennis, & Norris, 1989 in Heaslip, 1993/2008, par.2). In nursing, the definition of critical thinking...

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