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Rubric Evaluation of Nursing Practice

Abstract An assessment of established nursing practices usually incorporates methods that allow the nurse to develop effective research, and interpersonal skills. This report addresses protocols that highlight the most important portions of assessment rubrics for online learning, and for developing a student’s ability to conduct problem-solving research. The following assessment...

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The Holistic Practice of Nursing

The field of nursing encompasses a wide range of philosophies and practices. Many theorists have written their own nursing theories over the past century. While a nurse must recognize the importance of these theories, a nurse also must develop his or her own philosophy regarding the practice of nursing. By...

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Associate Degree in Nursing: Mission and Philosophy Statement

Here on the associate degree in nursing program (ADN) our mission is to provide a positive teaching and learning environment that promotes self-directed learning, helps assist in developing critical thinking skills and fosters a deep and longstanding passion for nursing. As well as this we are committed to provide a...

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Partial Correlation

Partial correlation is a form of analysis that works to find a correlation between two or more variables once the effects of other variables have been removed allowing for the researcher to either find relationships between the variables that would have been hidden as a result of the removed variables...

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Mentoring, Socialization, and NRPs

In my role as Registered Nurse, I am committed to selecting a program which will best suit my needs and provide me with opportunities for growth and development at a professional level. A residency program is an option and provides opportunities to improve my skillset and to gain exposure to...

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