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Professional Nursing Organizations

Discuss the two organizations and how you see yourself participating within these organizations. How would being a member of these professional organizations help you become more connected and involved with the profession? Professional nursing organizations serve the indispensable function of meeting points between health care employees, policy makers, clients, and...

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Admission Essay for Nursing School

Unlike many first-time nursing students, my passion for healthcare and therefore nursing has already taken me through the process of obtaining a medical degree. Currently I hold a medical degree, having finished medical school in the Ukraine. This is a greater achievement than it appears on the surface, as I...

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Pathophysiology Assignment

There are a number of health risks associated with this patient’s obesity. The main one is that he is at a higher risk of heart disease and some forms of cancer. His high levels of cholesterol, triglycerides, and HDL support the fact that this patient has an increased risk of...

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Pathophysiology Paper

There are a number of blood test results for this patient that are abnormal. The values that are higher than the expected range are HCO3 at 29 meq/L (normally 22-26), fasting glucose at 138 mg/dL (normally less than 100 mg/dL), the white blood cell count of 15,200/mm3 (normally between 5,000...

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Ethical Framework for Advanced Practice Nursing: Nutrition in the NICU

Ethical frameworks are a critical aspect of nursing practice in any area, and they provide for principles that apply across every potential phenomenon. The key framework for ethics in nursing is the code of ethics provided by the authority for the practicing body, and this provides expectations as they relate...

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Nursing Standpoint

In my practice I ran into an awkward situation in which I for a long while simply did not know how to behave. I noticed that other nurses or at least the majority of them were cutting on the medicines, meant to be given to the patients or for injections....

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Florence Nightingale: Environmental Theory

Florence Nightingale is one of the pioneers of modern nursing practice and was instrumental in the development of Environmental Theory, a concept which signifies that positive health and wellbeing is in part supported by good hygiene and cleanliness, fresh air, and sunlight, among other principles (Gurler, 2014). Nightingale’s belief in...

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How Can Big Data Be Used in Nursing Research?

Big data is the data that is available in healthcare as a result of electronic devices, the internet and EHRs, which have provided data that is beyond expectation. However, much of the data is unusable due to tailored EHRs which have been uniquely crafted to meet the needs of individual...

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Developing A Philosophy Of Nursing

Personal philosophies are essentially the corner posts of professional and career success in any working field. Being a practicum nurse, there are various referencing ideologies that I have put in place to ensure that my underlying nursing activities are consequently a success. To begin with, I always believe in the...

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Consequences of Nursing Malpractice: Colorado

The nurses within the Colorado Board of Nursing should be - and most likely are - ashamed of their misguided actions. This story of a suffering child made to bear more pain in their first and last hours on Earth is nothing short of horrifying (Calfee & Plum, 1997). Had...

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Nursing Problem Statement

Having worked at an inpatient forensic psychiatric state hospital with a population of 1,500, which treats psychiatric-related problems for patients that committed crimes, each time a patient has a medical emergency, they must be transported to an off-site facility. This is usually a community-based hospital emergency room (ER). The transfer...

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Distinguish: Theories, Models, and Frameworks

The purpose of his paper is to distinguish between nursing theories, models, and frameworks. According to Masters (2011), a conceptual model in nursing is a set of “concepts and statements that integrate concepts into a meaningful configuration” (p.48). Nursing models, therefore, help to define nursing ideas and statements in a...

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Family Nursing

Discussion - Family Values a) In their book, Friedman, Bowden, and Jones (2003) argue that health maintenance has turned into one of the central elements of American core value paradigm and is now regarded as one of the key preconditions of wealthy and happy life. I could observe the evidence...

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Beliefs Within The Nursing Profession

It is the personal beliefs and values of individuals which often guide one to become a nurse, and these also serve to shape the attitude to practice. Most nurses are passionate about caring for the sick; however personal beliefs can interfere with the capacity to provide appropriate care. No matter...

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Nursing Philosophy

Patients rely heavily on nurses to coach and support them to undergo many transitions in life (Schumacher, 1994). For example, illness, recovery, pregnancy, old age are among the changes that patients pass through. In this context, understanding and recognizing transitions are key in the healthcare sector. This is because transitions...

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Nursing Theory and Journal

The health of women is a complex entity that requires the application of expertise and experience to maintain. Some of the areas that are sensitive to the health of women include obstetrics and gynecology. The dedication of sufficient resources and professionals towards the health of women in regard to these...

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Selective Attention in Nursing

Human attention cannot be focused on multiple things at the same time. Memory capacity for information held in consciousness that can be attended to is limited. This is related to working memory which is the process behind focused or selective attention. It was found in 1950 that the working memory...

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Role Clarity in Nursing: The Importance of a Theoretical Foundation

Theory guides nurses in order to validate and further legitimatize the discipline by providing structure and substance to the practice. Further, theory is a way to organize knowledge within the discipline in order to address a variety of issues, provide a common language and unify ideas. The role of the...

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Nursing Personal Statement

My goals in the next 1 to 5 years involve studying extremely hard to complete my Masters degree in Clinical Leadership in Healthcare Management, and then moving on to my DNP/FNP so that I can work as a nurse practitioner in a hospital or hospice. I am aiming to attain...

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