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Junk Food

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-third of U.S. adult population is obese (Overweight and Obesity). The current situation also doesn’t bode well when it comes to young Americans and it is feared that most Americans may be obese by 2030, with 60 percent obesity rate in thirteen...

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Diet Analysis Essay

QUESTION 1 Part A. My recommended calorie intake is 2200 calories per day. Currently, based on the data in table 1 I am on average consuming 2486 calories per day. This means that on average I am consuming 286 calories more than is required. As I am eating more calories...

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Vegan Essay: Why Should You Go Vegan?

"Worldwide, around 60 billion land animals [10 billion in the USA] and 90 billion marine animals [18 billion in the USA] are killed and eaten every year" (Adapt). The purpose of this paper is to examine veganism by discussing the health benefits of adopting this way of life, and the...

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Estrogen in Drinking Water

Over the years, studies have been conducted to establish the effects of estrogen found in drinking water on human as well as aquatic health. Research has established that estrogen from oral contraceptives, especially Ethynyl-Estradiol or EE2 and excreted naturally occurring E2 finds its way into rivers and streams. However, the...

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Carbonated Drinks and Obesity Report

Over the years, lots of studies have been channeled towards the relationship between carbonated drinks and obesity. A study by Wolff (2008) identified that soft drink consumptions in the USA by young children was significantly associated to body overweight and obesity. Another study by Malik (2006) indicated that consumption of...

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