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Healthy Diet and Active Lifestyle Curriculum

1. Healthy Eating Curriculum Goals To ensure the children understand what is healthy eating To ensure the student know the effects of unhealthy eating A healthy diet is very essential for children and also everybody within the society. This is based on the fact that healthy eating helps in child...

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Diet, Nutrition, Health, and Illness: Cause and Effect

Diet is a significant factor that impacts people's health as well as preventing chronic illnesses (Health, Food, and Diet-Related Illnesses, 2009.) The subject is pertinent to everyone because everyone must consume food, and the choices people make about what they are eating plays a pivotal role in their current and...

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Nutrition Scientific Method

Abstract This paper looks at obesity as a significant health problem. It seeks to ascertain whether poor eating habits and sedentary lifestyles are the major cause of obesity. Data for the research was collected from ten individuals categorized into two groups of five each. The first group entailed the experimental...

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CDC: Obesity a Review

What Public Health Issue/Why? According to the CDC (2013) obesity, with particular emphasis on adult obesity, is a growing issue with approximately 35.7 percent or one-third of adults in the U.S. formerly labeled with obesity, and more individuals diagnosed each passing day. Further the deaths of individuals related to obesity,...

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Journey of Losing Weight

I learnt a lot about human behavior and psychology in high school but the lessons didn’t come in entirely pleasant circumstances. I had been taught as a child that what matters is how people are from inside but it was clear to me in high school that how we are...

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