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Debate on Genetically Modified Organisms

Genetic modification is the future of food security on the planet, bearing in mind its numerous advantages on crop survival and performance amidst salinity, drought, decreasing soil quality and evolving microorganism (Bornscheuer, 2018). Among the numerous strategies applied in genetic modification is an alteration of the fatty acid composition. Evidently,...

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Motivation and Hunger

The following article will be critically analyzed: When Snacks Become Meals: How Hunger, and Environmental Cues Bias Food Intake by Mitsuru Shimizu, Collin Payne and Brian Wansink. The authors of the article take the time to assess the many cues that are involved with food consumption. As a whole, the...

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Hunger in Moreno Valley

Moreno Valley California is located within the Riverside County of California. In order to better understand the actual level at which hunger exists in Moreno Valley there are several aspects to consider. Obtaining indicators include exploring such information as homelessness proportions, poverty concentrations, statistics surrounding children of the area, and...

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Hunger in Tampa Bay Region

Hunger is not just a reserve of the homeless, uneducated and the lowest in the society, but is also a problem faced by normal people with college degrees and shelter. While the American economy boast of overcoming the Great Recession, scores of families in Tampa Bay area and its surroundings...

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A Program to Implement Healthy Food at College

At present, college students, faculty and staff, live, work and learn in an environment where unhealthy eating choices are the easiest. Time and money are a premium and the good alternatives have been minimal at best. Target Population As a result, we are looking to clean up the College’s food...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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