Obesity in children is one of the most severe health conditions experienced in the world today. This condition occurs in a child when the weight goes well above the expected weight in relation to height and age. The condition is associated with chronic medical conditions that include diabetes, high cholesterol, and blood pressure when the children become adults (Gillbrand, 2013). Some of the common causes of this condition in the children include feeding habits, genetic influences, and lifestyle. Therefore, the management and mitigation of this condition by individuals and the related agencies is elemental towards increasing the quality of life of the victims and their family members.Funding is one of the essential entities that must be available to enhance the development of corrective mechanisms to assist in managing and mitigating childhood obesity. This assists in the provision of the resources necessary to run the management initiatives in the society. The government is the major source of funds that are used in the development of the initiatives to address obesity in children. This is through the government allocation to the department of human and health services. The world banks and other financial institutions also assist in funding the initiatives associated with managing the condition in the society (Gillbrand, 2013). The non-governmental agencies can also assist in the mobilization of the resources that can be used the development and implementation of the corrective mechanisms to assist in promoting the health status of the victims.
There are various health initiatives that have been applied over the years to assist in the management and control of the childhood obesity. Some of the initiato0ves that have been applied over the years is the use of advocacy programs in the society to make the people adopt healthy lifestyles as the use of healthy food and engagement in physical activities (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). The schools have also been provided with the resources and facilities to provide a supportive and safe environment with practices and policies to propagate and sustain a healthy lifestyle among the learners.

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