African art can be defined as primitive art. The art was more into religion and not based on aesthetic value. Africans focused on producing art that focused on showing figures that were of importance to the people. For example, the gods, kings, powerful leaders and holy places which were considered sacred. These facts define African art as primitive art as it focuses on the common African norms observed by every single person.
Oceania art on the other hand encompasses the traditions artistic of the people of New Zealand, Australia and Pacific Island. Most of the artistic work is related to the history of the people which includes the ancestral background and how the art work is important to the society. The art can be defined as contemporary or modern art based on the form in which is represented to the public people in Affiliations.

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The difference that can be seen between the two culture is in the ways in which people represented their ideas through art. In different cultures, people have different ways in which they represent their ideas and thoughts. For example, in the African culture, the gods are treated as the most important people in the history of any humans and in the Oceania culture, the people thought of the modernized human beings who never thought of any issues in the society. It is thus important to understand the different ways in which cultures relate and the people think in the society. The cultures are thus important in determining the ways in which the people think and the way people behave in the society. The similarities which exist between the Oceania culture and African culture is in the ways in which they represented their thoughts and ideas. The people from the two regions represent their ideas through art which was considerably important.