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Ocean Acidification

Ocean acidification is the result of uptake of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the oceans, resulting in a decrease in pH of the Earth's oceans. Seawater is slightly alkaline in nature, and the acidification is actually a shift towards a pH neutral position, rather than an actually acidic ocean....

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Oceanography: Upwelling

Upwelling of the oceans is a phenomena with many impacts, not the least of which is the ease with which fisherman can catch fish. This is as the cause of the upwelling phenomena is great winds, and these force the cooler and nutrient rich water from deeper ocean to come...

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Oceanography Heat Budget

Hurricanes are defined as strong storms that occur in the tropical region carrying heavy winds (Horton & Liu, 2014). Due to such winds, there may result to excess rainfall leading to floods and a rise in the sea level. Hurricanes mostly occur in North Atlantic between the months of June...

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