a. The manufacturer’s instructions provide the information of the product setup. This information about equipment can help significantly in explaining how the device works and the overall procedure of handling the device without getting any issues or problems. Safety is an important factor while dealing with any equipment. This is critical in ensuring that the user avoids injuries while operating the equipment. These instructions contain ideas on the equipment’s functions hence the user can avoid any kinds of failures and disappointments that the equipment might bring and in the process safeguards the health status of the operator.

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b. It is crucial to study and understand the manufacturer’s instructions as they provide information about the equipment. These guidelines contain particular information on how to use the equipment. The specificity of the instructions on the equipment and the information if well read, it can assist in solving the problems encountered by the equipment.

c. Following instructions when dealing with the machine safeguards the device as well as the operator. This is crucial as it assists in considering the employee’s health and safety while operating the equipment. The organizational instructions equip the user with the formal information on how to work through the machine without any difficulty. Besides, this information is important in ensuring that the machine operator is well equipped with all the necessary techniques to handle the machine comfortably without any kinds of hiccups. By doing this, the manual operator’s instructions become relevant and necessary in making sure that the operator masters the techniques needed for the full operation and knowledge of the machine’s basic functions. Mastering the machine’s instructions also minimizes time wasted on starting the machine or in operating the machine on the grounds of insufficient information or simply ignorance.

d. In most cases, many problems related to machines come due to insufficient information on the machine or ignorance to the information presented on the machine. Reading the manual therefore ensures that before an operator begins their endeavor of starting the machine, they have all the adequate information about the same. In some cases, health related accidents happen when they do not properly follow the manual of the machine. For instance, equipment like a desk printer may not print at all when it is jammed with papers. Solving this problem might be easy when the operator reads the manual of the printer itself. Most of the instructions in the equipment often contain risk procedures that a person is supposed to do in case of an accident and so on. This information often helps to carry out fast aid procedures and minimize health risks.


a. Retaining the office to be neat is one of the most important values to maintain in a business setting. First, it helps to conserve the space. When there is litter everywhere in the office, the office itself becomes disorganized, and disorderly. Minimizing wastes helps to improve the financial position of a premise by cutting down their budget on unnecessary purchases of goods.

c. These wastes includes waste papers, waste plastics, and the scrape metals.
The most effective way of minimizing waste is through reusing the materials that can be reused such as paper. Besides, practicing proper waste disposal channels also ensures that the available waste product is properly dealt with.


a. The purpose of meeting the standards is to ensure that customers are satisfied in business. When deadlines are met, the activities of the business can also be done conveniently and at the required time increasing the productivity of the business. Activities of the business can hence be done at the right time and more appropriately.

b. The selfish reason why the equipment should be left at the right place for the next immediate user is to ensure that the properties of the business are always well tracked. It also ensures that the property does not easily disappear. Keeping track of the property of the business also ensures efficiency in the business.