Online gaming is the newest and most popular form of gaming right now. It is very fun and entertaining as well as teaching more and more people about the importance of working together in an extremely fun and entertaining way. Here are some gaming statistics in America: 58% of Americans play video games, 62% of people that play videogames are adults, there is an average of 2 gamers per household, 51% of households own at least one console,77% of gamers play at least one hour a week, 36% play games on their smart phone(

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Sometimes online gaming can refer to online gambling, though most true online gamers do not play games for money. Unsurprisingly over 59% of Americans play some form of video game on a daily bases. However something that is surprising is the fact that that average gamer is 30 years old. This is good news for the DOD because it means that the majority of these gamers are at the perfect age to work for them. Another surprising factoid about gamers is that 48% of them are female, that number has drastically increased from the years prior. The real start of online gaming was in 2004 when World of Warcraft first started to get popular. World of Warcraft is one of the most popular MMORPG’s ever created. MMORPG stands for massive multi-player online role playing game. World of Warcraft is still the most popular with new addition coming out every day. There are many more MMOs like Diablo and League of Legions. When playing online games there are many different platforms that a player can use. The most popular would be various gaming websites online, past that online games can be played on steam, XBOX, and PlayStation. In the past years the department of defense has had some issues with people in other departments not being able to work together and that is a big problem. This is a big problem in many ways, but the main one being the fact that if parts of the government cannot work together it puts the American people at an unnecessary risk. Believe it or not online gaming may be the solution we need to fix the problems of not being able to work together. If the department of defense would hire people that where well versed in the world of online gaming in addition to being fully qualified for the actual position then I believe the problem would be drastically fixed, because online gamers know how to work together better. If you do not work together while playing a MMO then you probably will not succeed and waste a lot of your time. For example if you are playing HordeZ and you are injured you would need another player on your team to give a med pack. If you were playing by yourself you would keep dying, thus wasting a lot of your time. However if you do work together in a MMO then all parties involve benefit.

That is true about a lot of people who have a creative mind set such as: authors, story developers, editors, game designers, directors, filmmakers, cinematographers, and the like. It has become important that people play games, especially MMOs and Co-Op (co-operational) games so we can learn to work together as a team. So if the Department of defense where to hire people that played online games they would get a team that would know how to work together. More so then that they would get a group of people that where more creative and imaginative in the long run and that is great for the DOD. It is good for the DOD because people in the online gaming community know how to work together. They would make great employees!

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