With the fall of the Euro, European travel is about 25% cheaper than in the past and tourists, including many Americans are flocking to the continent for a getaway. Regardless of whether travelers to European have arrived there from eastbound or westbound routes, an All-American Diner could fare very well in some of the larger destinations including London, Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Munich, and the like.
We need look no further than the success of quintessential American brands such as McDonalds or Disney to know that americana sells. An All-American Diner open almost around the clock, or perhaps selling breakfast all day ala Waffle House or IHOP is a truly viable option. The menu could be simple and include “All-American” favorites like waffles and pancakes at breakfast, amazing burgers and deli sandwiches at lunch and dinner together with other items deemed to be quintessentially American. There is no sense in trying to compete with local cuisine in any of these areas.

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Weary or jet-lagged travelers could dine at any hour and one market entry strategy could be to begin with outlets in the respective international airports, together with a strategic location near the city centers or major tourist destinations. There is also likely to be traffic from local residents who are simply seeking something different.

From a business perspective, the barriers to entry would be relatively low. Physical plant demands would be simple, as would be the sourcing of food and beverage items (think eggs, hamburgers and Budweiser). Staff training would be equally simple and there is no need for Cordon Bleu educated kitchen workers. The menu as with most diners would highlight low food cost items that can be quickly and efficiently produced in a consistent, quality manner, with minimal overhead. The concept could highlight healthful selections and sustainable business practices to go even further towards engaging a European or at least, Europe based audience. An All-American Diner in Europe has tremendous potential.