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Organizational Culture

Organizational Culture Analysis: Unilever

In the following paper I would like to focus on the organizational culture of Unilever, one of my past employers. In particular, the focus will land on such aspects as artifacts and organizational values. Furthermore, the essay discusses how each of the mentioned artifacts and symbols impacts the organizational culture....

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Enron, Ethics, and Organizational Culture

Question 14-15 The best way to explain the ethical meltdown at Enron is by providing a summary of the business culture at the organization. The main business operations of the company involved acting as an intermediary amid suppliers and customers. Strategies employed by the organization were fulfilling because they enabled...

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Organizational Culture, Leadership and Effectiveness

The culture of an organization refers to its beliefs, value systems and ideals that have existed within, as well as that of the individual staff, employees and more that make up that organization. Organizational culture “reflects the values, beliefs and behavioural norms that are used… to give meaning to situations...

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Lear’s Organizational Culture

Lear Corporation, according to its website, is “a global leader in automotive seating and e-systems.” As a supplier of seats, it is the first in the industry to introduce power tracks and a common seat architecture, Lear is positioned as a leader in the industry. The competing values framework, established...

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Charisma and Organization Culture

Leadership is a fundamental component of good management. Previous studies demonstrate that people who follow charismatic leaders are highly motivated and enthusiastic (Wang et al., 2010). Charismatic leaders are regarded as the ‘mover and shakers’ of the world, daring to challenge the status quo and motivating their followers to work...

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Organizational Culture Analysis

Organizational culture is a complex construct. It encompasses a diversity of concepts, meanings, observable behaviors, and beliefs. Businesses invest significant resources in establishing and maintaining a distinct organizational culture. Scholars and practitioners in organization studies often take their inspiration from the model of organizational culture developed by Edgar Schein. This...

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Organizational Culture Paper

My purpose in writing to the company’s leadership is to reinforce a reality of which you are aware, and suggest certain changes in the company beneficial to all. The customer service department of which I am in charge, as you know, involves both the brick-and-mortar and online such services of...

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American Airlines Group Organizational Culture

According to American Airlines’ website, it states that it owes its employees “the best company culture in the business – one that’s built on respect” (“Our culture”). As an airline that is tasked with making the flying experience not only safe, but comfortable, it is imperative that American Airlines has...

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Organizational Change And Culture

An organization’s culture and structure have always been known to be the key elements that influence the way the firm is run internally. Culture in the context of an organization is known to carry a lot of weight with it hence issues relating to it always calls for utmost care....

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