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Organizational Culture

The Effectiveness of the Change in Organizational Structure and Leadership Style at Microsoft

The structure of an organization dictates the hierarchy and allocates responsibilities to personnel within the hierarchy. It also creates the levels of communication within the organization. Organizational structure, therefore, can affect various aspects of an organization positively or negatively, hence leading to the success or failure of the organization. Latifi...

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Framework for Ethics

Six Sigma is a process improvement strategy with the goal of process quality improvement through the identification and removal of the causes of errors and defect and the minimization of variability which occurs in manufacturing and business (Kwak & Anbari, 2004). The strategy is comprised of the implementation of quality...

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Organizational Resistance to Change (Why Good Companies Fail)

This reading response will cover the two major themes that have been discussed in this module: the resistance to organizational change and the reasons underpinning companies’ failure. More specifically, it will discuss the interrelation between organizational resistance to change and companies’ failure showing how the most successful companies can fail...

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Organizational Management Concept Paper

Organizational management is a comprehensive entity that deals with the control, administration and leadership within an organization with the aim of achieving its goals and objectives. Organizational management deals with the acquisition and commitment of various resources in an organization with the aim of optimizing them in both the decision-making...

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Leadership and Management

Management implies the organization of business activities with the objective to achieve the defined goals. It involves the coordination of such activities with the view to see the business a success. On the contrary, leadership within the context of business implies the establishment of vision within the given organization, provision...

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