It is a known fact that the main aim of George Orwell while writing “1984” was the projection of the communist society into today’s reality. Given the fact that the a lot of the events in the book correlate with the leftist views of the author, George Orwell yet did not have a wrong image or perception of the deviated reality as it functions these days in the USSR. Therefore, “1984” presents a clear image of the deviation in the USSR, specifically how the communist society functions in the system where the freedom of speech is limited and political powers exceed. The famous quote used in the piece “Big Brother is Watching You” expressed the non-existent political power that is present in the closed society such as the USSR.

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Therefore, the primary implications of “1984” is that the society that is closed implies that there are additional measures on how to keep track of the given reality. Thus, Orwell clearly tried to convey the essential meaning of what people may feel like by living in the closed reality. He particularly illustrated that on the examples of the lives of couples and their implications of the relationship and interpersonal communication. Thus, when politics introduces into one’s intimate life, it becomes clear that a state is becoming a part of one’s life without the will of the people. This is why when one refers to the Orwellian society, there is a connotation of a closed society where the individuals suffer from the actions of the political regime and face it in their daily lives. It was certainly the case in the USSR and its satellites.

These days, one can see that the Orwellianism still exists while looking at the reality in the North Korea. Comparing to the rest of the globalized world, especially to the parts where democracy prevails, North Korea clearly represents an exception. In particular, a country where the use of mobile phones is restricted, or a fine for using the internet may be imposed illustrates the scope of the authoritarianism and reality of the closed society as it is. However, in the contemporary world, it is possible and is even implemented in the example of that particular country.

Besides that, there are clear comparisons to the reality which George Orwell would describe in his book. For instance, when state authorities watch your every steps, your every move and click in the Internet, you might question whether you still live in the 21st century and what is the price for living in such a reality.

Another dimension that North Korea personifies is the militarization. The state authorities in the country try to make an image of a state that is powerful in its military capacities. However, the reality is much different as the country is segregated from the rest of the world, and thus cannot expose openly its military capacities are not even nearly close to the countries that operate within NATO and the countries that are in the EU. This is why currently the North Korean people live mostly in the world with their own perception of reality. The head of the state may live in the different reality, too as he may base his choices on what may appear to be right according to him.

Another huge difference that North Korean people face is that they are restricted in the basic individual freedoms. The state does not essentially provide the exercise of the individual values that one can consider to be vital for the use in the day-to-day basis. Moreover, people who live in the North Korea may even be unaware of the existence of these freedoms. For them, the life may seem to be normal in the reality where the government takes the complete care of the life of the citizens. Moreover, they are called to show their appreciation towards the state they live in. In other words, they are to praise their state for the services it provides to their citizens. Beyond that, they are unaware that there exists a different reality as they cannot leave their country due to closed borders to policies imposed by their government.

Basically, while comparing the society described by George Orwell and the society in which North Korean people live, it is clear that there are numerous features that resemble the two. In fact, there is “Big Brother” that is watching its people is the North Korean government as such. It creates the policies, controls their implementation and checks all the actions of its people internally. The fact that it even limits the use of the Internet illustrates how much influence the government wants to have in its country. The punishment for various types of activities in the country is also quite high as people may spend years and years in prisons for the types of activities that would have been considered typical in the democratic countries.

Overall, there are numerous aspects of resemblance between the society described by Orwell and the one in the North Korea. The fact that the regime in the country is communist, there are certain features that limit people’s basic right in the everyday use. In fact, people are not given the right to exercise their freedom, limited to use the internet and exercise in the basic rights, are not given the chance to live as democratic countries do.

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