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Oscar Movies

Life is Beautiful and Schindler’s List

Two nineties films that are well-known for showing powerful depictions of the horrors perpetrated against the Jews in the Holocaust are Life is Beautiful and Schindler’s List. The two films take different approaches. Life is Beautiful focuses on the experience of a Jewish man who protects his son in a...

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The Role of Music in the Film of “Titanic”

A soundtrack – be it music or other effects creating the ambient atmosphere to the visual component – has become an integral part of each film since the introduction of the talkies. The case is the same with one of the most important motion pictures of the 20th century “Titanic”....

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Dances with Wolves

The 1990 movie, “Dances with Wolves,” explores the relationship between a soldier of the Civil War and Sioux Indians during the 1860s as white settlers began to settle in the American West. Kevin Costner served as director and played the main character, Union Army Officer Lieutenant John W. Dunbar. Much...

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A Beautiful Mind

In A Beautiful Mind (Howard, 2001) Russell Crowe plays John Nash, a highly intelligent mathematician who struggles to make friends and to bond with others because he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Throughout the film, it becomes clear that his auditory and visual hallucinations coupled with his delusions of persecution become...

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Productive Deconstruction of “American History X”

In the late 1990s, the movie industry released a dozen of psychological dramas discussing questions of human existence and poor life choices. “American History X” is one of the most notable works from this period. This film about people trapped in the neo-Nazi movement has become the cult classic thanks...

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Marxist views in the Rocky movie

Marxism ideas have influenced the development of concepts used in the creation of a number of movies. Essentially, most film scriptwriters, creators, directors, and producers utilize the ideologies advocated by in the Marxism theory to explain various aspects of the society. Despite being depicted indirectly, a lot of movies created...

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Editing and Audio Techniques Used in Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

The article analyzed herein is part of the Apocalypse Now film. Apocalypse Now is about the Vietnam War whereby Captain Willard was sent to accomplish a dangerous mission of assassinating renegade Colonel in Cambodia. The clip starts off with music accompanied by the playing of musical instruments and traditional dances....

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Some Like It Hot Analysis

Some like it hot is a comical movie mixed with both humor and scenes of romance. The movie addresses major gender issues as well as subverting matters related to gender distinction. The movie brings out various stereotypes associated with the female gender as well as how men have been able...

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Dances With Wolves Review

Perhaps the scene that is most memorable in Dances with Wolves is when John Dunbar, or by then Dances with Wolves, is captured upon his return to Fort Sedgwick. He is questioned by the soldiers, they first want to know if he speaks English, they then want his help to...

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Apologetic history of the Indies vs The Mission movie

This paper concerns the primary source entitled 'Apologetic History of the Indies' by Barlome De Las Casas and the film 'The Mission,' starring Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro. Both of these objects deal with the consequences of Europrean ideology with regard South American indigenous populations and the ways in...

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Dead Poets Society

The film Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir is about an unorthodox teacher whose philosophical motive is to teach his private college preparatory school students how to think for themselves and not fall into conformity or simply accepting truth as information found in books. He urges them to find their...

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12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave is a mesmerizing, honest look at a dark time in our nation’s history. The movie examines themes that prove that man has the capability to be extremely inhumane to man. It also illustrates the caring nature of man and the role of fate in determining one’s...

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The Role of the Brutal Training of Soldiers in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket

The first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket presents the hardcore instruction of soldiers at the Parris Island training camp. The brutal behavior of the drill sergeant Hartman is meant to transform boys into men and men into killing machines. When Private Pyle fails to successfully make the transformation,...

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Hitchcock’s Preservation of the Patriarchal Hegemony Through Power Shifts in Psycho

Hitchcock played a role in preserving the patriarchal hegemony of gender roles through power shifts in male/female relationships and the subsequent preservation of power with the male due to the influence of agents of authority. This can be seen in the relationships of Marion to Norman, Mrs. Bates to Norman...

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Mise-en-Scene and the film Gladiator

The movie I have chosen for this assignment is Gladiator. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the story and trials of Maximus, a former Roman general who is betrayed by the son of the dead emperor. Although loyal to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Maximus posed a threat to the emperor’s...

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Questions on “The Shawshank Redemption”

The aspect of the film that struck the writer the most emotionally and logically was when Andy discovered that Tommy had met and spoken with the man who committed the murder he was currently serving time for (Darabont). At this point in the film, Andy had built himself a tolerable...

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Movie Review: Schindler’s List

Few films in recent decades have been as universally praised, and even loved, As Spielberg's Schindler's List. Critics and the public generally hailed it as a modern masterpiece, and one supporting the most fundamental ethics of real morality. To achieve this, Spielberg presents the story of one heroic man in...

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The White Ribbon (German film)

The award winning film by Michael Haneke shows one society, and within it - one family in a German village in the north of the country, just before the start of World War I. The primary idea, according to the director, was to show the roots of evil. Even though...

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A 2001 Space Odyssey

For me “A 2001 Space Odyssey” is, definitely, one of the greatest movies shot. And the reason behind it is not only high quality of old movies. I strongly believe that shooting films was taken much more seriously at that time than it is nowadays. The importance of this movie...

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Introduction of Titanic

In the movie, Titanic, several techniques are used that help to draw the viewer in within the first ten, even five minutes. Titanic is based on the historical event of the Titanic ship sinking, resulting in the loss of hundreds of lives. In Titanic, there are several techniques that are...

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