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Oscar Movies

Marxist views in the Rocky movie

Marxism ideas have influenced the development of concepts used in the creation of a number of movies. Essentially, most film scriptwriters, creators, directors, and producers utilize the ideologies advocated by in the Marxism theory to explain various aspects of the society. Despite being depicted indirectly, a lot of movies created...

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Editing and Audio Techniques Used in Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

The article analyzed herein is part of the Apocalypse Now film. Apocalypse Now is about the Vietnam War whereby Captain Willard was sent to accomplish a dangerous mission of assassinating renegade Colonel in Cambodia. The clip starts off with music accompanied by the playing of musical instruments and traditional dances....

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Some Like It Hot Analysis

Some like it hot is a comical movie mixed with both humor and scenes of romance. The movie addresses major gender issues as well as subverting matters related to gender distinction. The movie brings out various stereotypes associated with the female gender as well as how men have been able...

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Dances With Wolves Review

Perhaps the scene that is most memorable in Dances with Wolves is when John Dunbar, or by then Dances with Wolves, is captured upon his return to Fort Sedgwick. He is questioned by the soldiers, they first want to know if he speaks English, they then want his help to...

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Apologetic history of the Indies vs The Mission movie

This paper concerns the primary source entitled 'Apologetic History of the Indies' by Barlome De Las Casas and the film 'The Mission,' starring Jeremy Irons and Robert De Niro. Both of these objects deal with the consequences of Europrean ideology with regard South American indigenous populations and the ways in...

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