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Oscar Movies

Dead Poets Society

The film Dead Poets Society by Peter Weir is about an unorthodox teacher whose philosophical motive is to teach his private college preparatory school students how to think for themselves and not fall into conformity or simply accepting truth as information found in books. He urges them to find their...

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12 Years A Slave

12 Years a Slave is a mesmerizing, honest look at a dark time in our nation’s history. The movie examines themes that prove that man has the capability to be extremely inhumane to man. It also illustrates the caring nature of man and the role of fate in determining one’s...

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The Role of the Brutal Training of Soldiers in Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket

The first half of Stanley Kubrick’s Full Metal Jacket presents the hardcore instruction of soldiers at the Parris Island training camp. The brutal behavior of the drill sergeant Hartman is meant to transform boys into men and men into killing machines. When Private Pyle fails to successfully make the transformation,...

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Hitchcock’s Preservation of the Patriarchal Hegemony Through Power Shifts in Psycho

Hitchcock played a role in preserving the patriarchal hegemony of gender roles through power shifts in male/female relationships and the subsequent preservation of power with the male due to the influence of agents of authority. This can be seen in the relationships of Marion to Norman, Mrs. Bates to Norman...

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Mise-en-Scene and the film Gladiator

The movie I have chosen for this assignment is Gladiator. Directed by Ridley Scott, the film follows the story and trials of Maximus, a former Roman general who is betrayed by the son of the dead emperor. Although loyal to Emperor Marcus Aurelius, Maximus posed a threat to the emperor’s...

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