Despite the fact that opioid has been used by most people to address pain disorders amongst the patients, cannabis should be legalized and consequently used to treat pain disorders in people. Cannabis is one of the most globally investigated therapeutic substances, and to date there are over 20,000 well researched and published reviews in empirical studies that reference marijuana. Thus, it is not far from the truth that cannabis continues to elicit fresh reviews and interests due to the growing number of testimonials from medical cannabis patients and their physicians.

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From a global perspective, many view cannabis as a substance of little or no value, and thus many fear that information on safety is lacking. According to research conducted by scientists in Germany on security and efficiency of marijuana and its associated compounds indicated that there is no evidence that should nullify the medical value of marijuana, and so far any policies prohibiting the use of cannabis may be a hindrance to medical progress. Consequently, many clinical research activities that try to explain the therapeutic value of cannabis have continued to rise in the number and so have investigators’ who wish to understand the ever remarkable capabilities of marijuana in combating diseases and pain in humans.

Cases of arthritis have been on a rapid rise lately in the United States of America. Nonetheless, it is also worth to state that a majority of cases of arthritis are substantially linked with genetic composition where parents can transfer the condition to their children and even grandchildren. Surgery and other medication measures are the most common intervention measurers that are usually employed to address the condition. However, educating the patients about the entire complication and its management measures is the most effective way of ensuring that avoidable prevention measures are apprehended whatsoever.