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The Image of a Woman in Shakespearean Othello

Feminist research on the role and importance of women in world culture, both in the past and in the present, plays a huge role in the scientific literature in Europe and the United States. Although gender rights movements are traditionally discusses as a modern phenomenon, the roots of feminism can...

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Othello Act 2

The second act of “Othello” features the theme of fear. The sailors fear the storm in scene one and then the Turkish fleet later on. However, both of these fears are dispelled eventually. The interesting point is that they represent different types of sources for fear and require different responses...

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Othello Act 4

In the fourth act of Othello, Shakespeare employs a literary device known as symbolism. He particularly builds upon an artifact or object that represents something more than its typical use. I refer to the handkerchief. In the opening scene Othello knows that Cassio has Desdemona’s handkerchief. Why is this significant?...

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