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NSTIC blog aids in greater information sharing by serving as a platform for information sharing with the general public Allows key communication between public and citizenry in order to gain awareness of the efforts made by NSTIC Details the benefits to national security and other aspects of public safety Prevents...

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United States Olympics Committee Anti-Doping Policy

The United States Olympic Committee, USOC, is a national sports organization that was established in 1894. It was formed under the International Olympic Committee Charter. It regulates competitive sports in America for all other organizations that coordinate Olympic Games, Paralympics games, youth Olympics, as well as Pan American games. Due...

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Different Communities

A community is a crucial part of each and every person’s life. It is what brings us together and makes us complement and assist one another for a common course. Therefore, a community can be viewed at from three angles. One, a community can be looked at a population of...

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The Mystery of Memory, Documentary

The following paper will provide a summary of the video, The Mystery of Memory, Documentary, which was part of the AstraZeneca Nobel Medicine initiative. Within the summary, the neurobiology behind memories will be examined, with special focus on learning, remembering, and the memory-emotion connection. Camillo Golgi accidently discovered a new...

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My Life as I See It

My life as a college student is filled with many things: research, homework, studying, tests and other activities that fill the day and take a great deal of focus and attention. Deadlines and tests are there as well, they conspire against my better wishes to just chill out; to relax...

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