Introduction Have you ever thought of how to spot a dangerous woman? How would you feel if you always get scolded no matter what you do? Would you like to be alone on holidays without families around? Many females have become the domestic violence offenders due to lack of caring and love from families and love ones.
Thesis statement: Female domestic violence offenders tend to be more sensitive to insecure attachments and the fear of being abandoned in childhood, which in turn affecting them to commit a crime.

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Female domestic violence offenders and attachment styles
Statistic data of female domestic violence offenders vs male domestic violence offenders in the near 10 years
Mental problems led by insecure attachments and a fear of childhood abandonment (general definition of each mental problem below and how each relates to topic)
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
Antisocial Personality Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
The aftermath: female domestic violence offenders and personality disorders
Statistic data of personality disorders on female offenders vs male offenders
Potential signs to become a female domestic violence offender
Suicide attempt
Psychotropic medications
Narcissistic-type, addictive, borderline-type of histrionic-type traits

Case study – The Surprising Truth About Women and Violence by Cathy Young (June 25, 2014) Time Magazine.
Brief description of the case
Statistic data on male and female offenders
Harmfulness of male offenders vs females offenders
Treatment for domestic violence offenders
Anger management
Individual counseling
Batterer’s Intervention Programs (BIPS)

With love and care, along with open communication, the number of female domestic violence crimes can be reduced. Everyone is a unique individual; if you do not say it, no one can tell what you truly mean. Communication is the key to help reduce and prevent an increase of female domestic violence crime. There is never good result when misunderstanding is around us all the time.
Restate thesis: Being neglected and abandoned are major factors in promoting female domestic violence crime.