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Self-Portrait: Albrecht Durer

Why I Paint Self-Portraits A portrait is more than a representation of the outside features of the person. It is meant to represent their inner world and their character (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2013). It is not enough simply to render the physical features without paying attention to those features...

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Symbolism in Art

It would not be an exaggeration to state that symbolism is one of the core elements of art. As such, any creator targets to communicate some idea to the public. Sometimes, this challenging task cannot be completed with the use of straightforward messages and signs. Therefore, creators choose to incorporate...

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Perspective in Art

Perspective is one of the most interesting techniques that painters and photographers can use to transform the space and create an illusion of several dimensions. One of the perspective-related techniques they use is a mirror reflection element that has already been discussed above. In the meantime, it is not the...

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Form and Line in Art

Form and line are the main instruments artists use to "build" their composition. The line is employed to create a form, while the latter is needed to reach the finite goal – the creation of a shape. These are the basic principles familiar to every artist, designer, and photographer. It...

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Composition in Art

A composition is a framework that every creator selects as the basis of the future masterpiece. In this frame, it is essential to note that painters enjoy more opportunities since they are enabled to create a new reality within which every object is placed to the right position. Photographers are...

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