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Guernica by Pablo Picasso

Guernica is a powerful and moving piece of political art created by Pablo Picasso. The mural is huge and dominating, measuring 3.5 by 7.8 meters, and is colored starkly in gray, black and white. The abstract scene of pain and suffering depicts the atrocities of war on humanity, especially the...

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William de Kooning: Woman VI

Woman IV by William de Kooning is part of a series of works by the artist done in abstract expressionism, a style of painting that he pioneered. Woman IV was the fourth in a series of paintings that he executed from 1952 to 1953. The painting is contains elements of...

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Maids of Honor: Velazquez

In The Maids of Honor, Diego Velazquez creates a scene with complex and well-placed light and outstanding textures. Maids or “Medinas” which translates into Maids, incorporates the use of dark shadows contrasted with light, and geometric shapes and configurations, offering the viewer numerous interpretations of the work (Luxenberg, 2003). In...

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Modern Art vs Classical Art

The works of ‘The Design and Making of Stonehenge and ‘The Great Stupa at Sanchi’, are extreme examples of megalith stonework that is seen by many to be mystical and spiritual in nature given the immense complexity required for a seemingly non-technological society to engineer and fashion together the stone...

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Manhattan by Georgia O’Keefe

One of my favorite pictures at Smithsonian Art Museum in Washington, D.C. is Georgia O’Keeffe’s Manhattan. Completed in 1932, the painting is in oil and of fairly big size: 84 3/8 x 48 /4. In a brochure from this Museum, it was said that Manhattan is a unique work of...

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