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Artistic Response to War Painting

The painting that I chose for this assignment does not have a particular name. However, it is very well-known throughout the world, as are many of the other murals that accompany it at Denver International Airport. The paintings, painted by Leo Tanguma, are said to depict unity and peace among...

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Poppies Painting Analysis

This is an analysis of Georgia O’Keeffe’s 1950 painting entitled “Poppies,” an oil on canvas work by the seminal American artist. This is a very brightly colored large scale piece that is constructed in such a way that the viewer seems to be looking at the flower in extreme close-up...

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Manga Mad Tokyo: A Response Paper

There are a number of interesting elements of this documentary that really helped to highlight the importance of manga in Japanese culture. It was interesting in that it did not only focus on the phenomenon of manga, but on the parts of the sub-culture that are associated with it, including...

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Andy Warhol’s Sitting Bull

Introduction Andy Warhol was a major force in the New York City art scene in late twentieth century. Unlike the artists of the previous centuries Warhol did not create art to celebrate and revere that which was prized in society, but rather used everyday objects such as a Campbell’s soup...

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The Gallery attended was the John B Davis Gallery. The exhibit by was by Stacy Barker; the work was called “Poky”. The work was a two dimensional painted piece of art that was about 2 feet wide by 4 feet high. The painting was abstract; it depicted a real parrot...

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