Two years ago, as I 16-year old individual, I decided to go for regional try-outs in math competition in my home country. It was one those warm fall days, when the sun was still burning, and I was walking home full of personal thoughts. I was the best math student then. At first, my head was overwhelmed with the thought of underestimation. But still, I decided to sign up and show my attachment to math on a competitive level. Yet, it appeared to be successful. Step by step, I reached from the school level to a regional level and then to the national where I scored the bronze. During the final competition, all my family came to cheer and support me. I guess, without their support I would not be able to score as good as I eventually did. The final round took place at the Sabah Al-Ahmad Center where they all came to see me. My dad was especially happy to see such an intelligent and promising son in his eyes. He came up to me and said that such a result was a consequence of hard work over many and many years. My mom started to cry, which was usual for such occasions.

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Back then, I reminisced some moments of my childhood. As a four-year-old , in 1999, I would play a game that my mom gave it to me which had many numbers in it. I could just spend hours and hours sitting on the floor and making different combinations and calculations. Ever since, I was passionate about number. Now my love is expressed in math. At my high school, I always had the best grades in the math class, and my teacher would praise and encourage me to work even harder to reach out to the new boundaries. It also impacted on my participation in the math competition. Now I understand that it was certainly a right decision to try out myself.

Then the event of an award took place, I was overwhelmed with emotions. My father drove our family to Sabah Al-Ahmad Center, and we came almost an hour in advance. Personally, I dislike the time of waiting but then I was doing it with some unusual anticipation. I tried to reminisce all the path towards the award. At some point, my dad stepped to me and told me few words of support before going on stage. In my culture, the praise of the Father is what counts the most. At that moment, I felt like I gave him hope and inspiration for his existence.

The time of going on stage approached. The host called me the name, and I could feel that my cheeks were burning at that moment. I stood up; my eyes were probably wide open, and I ascended the stairs to receive my medal. As I stood on stage, the whole room was applauding. Accidentally I came across my brother’s look, and we both exchanged the smile. My mother was crying again, but my father was so proud and happy at the moment. Frankly speaking, I could not be happier at that moment.

Later on, when I sat and analyzed my achievement, few thoughts came into my mind. Even though I did not score a gold or silver, I was still happy. For me, it meant that all my efforts have had a solid background of work and passion. Although, I do not regard that achievement as a personal only. If my mother did not let my play games with numbers at the age of four, and my teachers did not teach my properly, I would not be able to go beyond the boundaries and reach such limits as I did this time.
When I think of August 2012, my mother that makes me love math I am overwhelmed with the feelings of appreciation. Now I am more aware of the lifelong learning and its personal impact on me. It is 2015 now; I am currently a college freshman. There are three and a half years of study ahead of me, and probably many personal and interpersonal competitions. Ever since I reach such a good score in my home country, I am ready to absorb all possible knowledge from various sources that would influence on my personal development and will help me to reach more heights.

Sometimes at these winter days I just lie in my bed with my eyes closed and think of the precious moments I have had in the past. I do not only think, I reflect. Most likely, I demonstrated a great example for my brother who will work hard and find his passion. Also, my family knows that their meaning of life is in their children who demonstrate family abilities. Personally, as I think of the moment of being on stage and receiving my award, I believe of plenty other competitions that are to come in my college years and my professional career. I sincerely hope that one day I will become an example not only for my family but my university, and my home country. One day my home country will receive a well-educated and promising professional who will work on its development.