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Technology for Improvement and Transformation of Health Care

Donovan et al. (2016) found that transitional care interventions that are meant to start following the discharge of elderly patients from a skilled nursing facility, but are delayed, are likely to be ineffective in lowering incidence of adverse events and re-hospitalization rates. There are several reasons why the risk of...

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Positive Expiratory Pressure Therapy

Positive expiratory pressure therapy (PEP) is a small device used by a patient to exhale using a mask. PEP Therapy device creates pressure in human lungs which keeps the airways from closing as illustrated by Lee et al. (2015). Therefore, the air that flows through the PEP device is useful...

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Nurse-Patient Communication and Patient Safety

Effective communication between a patient and the healthcare providers is critical in the development of a therapeutic nurse-patient relationship, which is essential to the delivery of quality care. The following report presents the principles of patient-clinician communication, the methods for enhancing interdisciplinary communication, and the ethical principles that can be...

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Does Enforcing Nurse/Patient Ratios Create Safer Patient Conditions?

Does enforcing nurse patient ratios lead to safer patient conditions? This is the clinical question that is being researched. In order to construct an effective analysis of this clinical question, one must firstly consider what is known about the topic and identify gaps in this knowledge. The second step in...

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Death and Dying: Terry Schiavo

The case of Terry Schiavo made national headlines. The issue at the center of the case was whether or not Schiavo’s husband had the right to decide to end his wife’s death by refusing treatment. Her husband, as the next of kin, would normally not be questioned as to his...

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