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Patient Communication

Communicating with patients requires nurses to develop and maintain skills that will lead to effective interactions and nurse-patient relationships. This reflects the importance of developing communication skills that will positively impact interactions with patients and will support an environment in which patient care and treatment are optimized because of these...

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Patient Safety in Nursing Homes

Because nursing home residents often have cognitive deficits and complex health conditions, they are at increased risk for medical errors and adverse events (Castle, 2012). There are also the potential for errors in transferring resident information, which is frequently neglected during shift or institutional transitions (Castle, 2012). To further complicate...

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Outcomes of Patient Empowerment

Patient empowerment is an experience of change in a patient’s personal aspect. It is more about who one is rather than what one does. Patient empowerment is continuous, patient-centered, related to the issue and acknowledged by the patient as well as the medical officer, the doctor (Aujoulat, D’Hoore, & Deccache,...

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Patient-Centered Care

Patient-centered care has been a central issue in discussion of healthcare quality. The attainment of high-quality care in medicine and healthcare is an integrative objective for healthcare planners, healthcare institutions, hospital departments, and all stakeholders. In its essence, the concept of patient-centered care grounds on the moral implications that assume...

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Evolving Practice of Nursing and Patient Care Delivery Models

Nurses play a critical role in the ever-changing landscape of modern healthcare practice, as they have many opportunities to change the quality and perception of healthcare in the 21st Century. It is important for nurses to have many options to improve the practice setting, to adopt evidence-based practice models to...

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