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Opioid Use on Long-Term Chronic Pain Patients: An Ongoing Experiment

Purpose Statement Opioids can be a very useful tool when treating short term chronic pain; however, using this type of treatment long term is not without some complications to a patient developing a physical dependency, developing a tolerance, or developing hyperalgesia. Outline Background Information “Opiates have been used for centuries...

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Patient Scenario

A physical examination begins with the doctor greeting the patient and taking vital signs (radial pulse, brachial blood pressure, breathing rate, temperature) with the patient sitting. This should be followed by a general visual inspection, then examination of the structures of the head, including cranial nerves. The neck should be...

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The Effect of the Patient Self-Determination Act

The effect of the Patient Self-Determination Act on health care delivery has been marginal at best. Alexis Foster used the term “lackluster” to describe to performance of this act. She argued that “there is reluctance on the part of many physicians to discuss end-of-life care with patients” and that this...

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Patient Consent and Rationing

As the health care industry continues to remain one of the major political issues in America, many medical agencies and insurance providers are bolstering efforts to ensure that patients receive the appropriate health care. Health care providers have an ethical obligation to the patient to make sure they receive important...

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Music Therapy for the Mentally and Physically Challenged Patients

Music Therapy research has shown positive effects of music therapy for people with mental and physical health disorders. Music therapy is known to affect a person's thoughts, feelings and behavior and has been shown to assist with depression and alleviate pain. Patients who are facing a terminal illness -Music Therapy...

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