Gay marriage is the union between two people of the same gender identity and same biological sex. Gay marriage has received support in the recent years from some people who are seeking legal recognition through initiatives known as marriage equality (Rauch, 2004). For so many years, same sex unions have not existed in the society. Some countries have advocated for the same sex marriage while most are against it and they refer the effort as to redefining marriage. Gay marriage should not be accepted in the society as it alters the traditional meaning and definition of marriage as the union is against social, natural, ethical, religious and physiological norms.

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According to Rauch (2004), the union created by a relationship between two people of the same gender is not a marriage. Marriage is a covenant between a woman and a man which naturally enhances procreation and bringing up children while promoting the welfare of the spouses. Promoting unions between men and men or women and women denies the self-evident physiological, biological, and biological differences between women and men which complement each other in marriage. It also does not have any purpose of marriage which is raising of children and thus perpetuating the human race.

James (2013) explains that gay marriage violates natural law. Marriage is not just a union between human beings, but a relationship that is rooted in human nature. Basically, the law of nature outlines that something that is good should be done, and evil should be avoided. Through this reasoning, man can perceive what is morally bad or good for him. Thus, it is moral for every single human being to comprehend whatever he does and know whether it is good or bad. Any situation that intends to changes the intention of the sexual act violates the natural law.

Gay marriage denies a child a mother or a father. It is to the best interest of a child to be raised under the care of his natural mother and father. This is confirmed by the evidence presented in the difficult seen when a child is brought up by a single parent or a foster parent. The same sex marriage brings out the same situation (Gallagher, 2008). Under this circumstance, the child is deprived of the love of his natural parent. Therefore, this marriage ignores the best interests of a child.

It promotes and validates homosexual lifestyle. Union does not only validate the relationship, but it also serves to validate the homosexual lifestyle with all its transgender variants. Civil laws guide the life of man in the society. Thus, they play a big role in shaping the behavior and thoughts of people. In the external view, they shape the social life, but in the real sense they influence behavior. Recognition of these marriages will go against moral values and weaken public morality (Eskridge, 1993).

Same-sex marriages turn a moral wrong to civil right. People of the same gender, regardless of their wealth, race or fame will never marry because of irreversible biological impossibilities. It does not serve the same purpose as a marriage between people of different races (Wilson, 2008). It is analogically incomparable.

This union creates a naturally sterile union as opposed to creating a family. Traditional marriages naturally create families through the birth of children. On the contrary, if the same-sex marriage people want to have children, they have to use artificial means to acquire one. It is not a natural tendency of these individuals to create a family. Thus, same-sex union cannot be given the benefits of marriage.
Same-sex unions defeat the purpose of benefiting marriage. Marriage has numerous benefits by nature and design. It provides normal conditions for affection, stability and morality which are beneficial to both parents and children. Homosexual unions do not have such characteristics. Therefore, it does not extend to a true marriage (Herek, 2006).

Same sex marriage is not acceptable in any society. If a state legalizes same sex marriage, it means it will have fully accepted the act and all its characteristics. By so doing, the state will expect all the good people and Christians to betray their values and conscience by condoning through action and silence, an attack on Christian morality and natural order.

Accepting homosexuality will act as an edge of the sexual revolution. This is because it will open a chapter of legalizing unacceptable sexual habits. People with the same weird intentions will start using the same arguments as their foundations to start advocating for incest, bestiality and other forms of sexual behaviors that are not natural. This will act as a symbol of sexual freedom.

Homosexuality offends God. Whenever an individual violates the wishes and directives of nature established by God, he sins and offends God. Homosexuality does exactly this. Anyone who believes in God must be opposed to it. The Bible states that God made man and woman, sanctified them and told them to reproduce and fill the world (Pawelski, 2006). It also outlines that God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for the sin of homosexuality.

In conclusion, gay marriage should not be accepted in the society as it alters the traditional meaning and definition of marriage as the union is against social, natural, ethical, religious and physiological norms. Therefore, same-sex unions do not have any meaningful or logical basis to get acceptance. Any effort to legalize them should be condemned completely.

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