The importance of my experiences towards my life cannot be underestimated. My experiences have played an elemental role towards developing my personality and shaping my values and beliefs. As a result, I have been able to acquire unique values and characteristics that have been very rudimentary to my life. My past has been very instrumental towards shaping my present and the future. This is because I have always learned from various experiences in life.

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I was born in in California and spent my life in Gary, Indiana in the United States. All aspects of my development have been very elemental towards shaping various perspectives and views in my life. Throughout my elemental development and teenage, I went through numerous experiences that have been very intimate to various aspects that are deeply embedded in my personality. Together with my sister, we were brought up by our mother who was an educator in the Gary public school system. Her love for use was unlimited, and this assisted me develop insights towards a typical representation of a mother. In the past, I have also participated in various events that are very important in my life. MY participation in the creation of awareness in the society for both male and female cancer while I was in school with the Pink Ribbon Legacy Society is one of the most memorable moments of my life.

At the moment, I have various engagements that I perceive to be very important in the formation of a strong foundation for the future. I am blessed with two daughters, one in kindergarten and the other in preschool. I have a lot of love for them I always work so hard to ensure that they get their best, just like I got from my mother. Currently, I am also concerned with my educational and professional development as I am studying criminal justice. I always believe that my current determination and commitment is very elemental towards engaging myself towards achieving my future dreams. Therefore, I am always very keen not to lose focus through laying down plans and objectives that will enhance my future and heighten my knowledge to acquire a mature approach to reality.

My strategic plan for the future is to establish a stable social and economic future for myself and my family. I have good plans for my children to ensure they are successful in their future engagements. I have developed a very strong basis that will assist me approach the future with confidence. In future, I also intend to get married to my fiancée who was my high school intimate friend and together we will combine forces to meet the future. After completing my studies in criminal justice, I intend to be one of the most competent professionals in the world by becoming a juvenile probation officer.

My values are a critical part of my culture. This is because they guide me on how to undertake various situations. My values are also very important towards giving me a unique identity. My values constitute my beliefs and behavior sand their development was facilitated by my experiences. My mother was also very keen to ensure that I get the most appropriate values to make me suitable person to face the futures.

I value my family and social relationships because of what they have done in my life. These entities have facilitated the growth of all aspects of my life. I also value responsible behavior as one of the critical moral and ethical standards to guide me in all my endeavors. I value everybody that I interact with and always respect their views and cultural orientations. This has assisted me develop multicultural perspectives that have improved the quality of my social life.

In my beliefs and personality, I have standards on what other people should value in their activities. One of the biggest desires that I have in my life is seeing a just society where each member is responsible and can accommodate others. Therefore, I expect everybody in the society to have sufficient tolerance. People should also embrace belief in the ability of God in their lives. All people should always know that God is the giver of everything, and all things are possible.

The engagement of the right attitude towards every situation is very important in the society. Therefore, people should value giving unlimited appreciation to other people as a realistic way of upholding integrity and respect to humanity. People should always be aware of the surrounding by adopting high levels of sensitivity to what they are engaged in and the possible effects to the surrounding. Therefore, people should always adhere to the standard moral and ethical guidelines as the most practical way of creating a just and fair society.

In conclusion, the world is changing very fast through the motivation of globalization. As a result, there are various progressions that are experienced in the social, cultural and economic perspectives. My major aim is to acquire strategies and initiatives that will assist me fit in the society. In order to keep pace with these evolving perspectives in the society, I am focused to improve every aspect of my life through embracing a continuous and gradual learning model.

My experiences have made me hardworking, confident and determined as an individual in my definitive personal objectives. Ultimately, pursuing. My major future aspiration is to lead social revolution through developing and implementing platforms and policies that will promote and drive the acquisition of a secure future. Achieving my future goals will not only enhance my confidence but will also assist me develop skills for all dimensions of life and enhance a mature approach to reality.