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Essay On Parents

My parents have been hardworking individuals for their entire lives which has allowed them to afford many luxuries that others may view as unnecessary or unimportant. Personally, I would not have referred to us as being wealthy but rather as being relatively comfortable to the extent that I cannot recall...

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Social Location

My current social location is defined by several elements. My race is white/Caucasian. My ethnicity is mostly European – most of my family hails from the United Kingdom, mostly Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. I have some ancestors from France as well as Holland. Those aspects of my family’s ethnic heritage...

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My Strengths and Weaknesses Essay

Strengths #1. Tenacious: My greatest strength is tenacity. I lost contact with my parents and had to rely on myself without any financial and mental support from the family. But I didn’t give up and used the hardships to become self-reliant and mentally stronger. The experiences taught me to keep...

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Photo Essay Sample From Top Experts

My favorite photos of myself are those that were taken when I was a toddler. There are a fair number in my parents’ basement, but not nearly as many as there are of the kids growing up today, whose parents can catch every moment on their smartphones, so I cherish...

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Who Am I – Great Essay Sample On Myself

There are so many things that I am and so many things that I am not. Yet if I had to answer the question “Who am I?” I would say the following. First and foremost, I am a human being. But also I am a woman, I am a mother,...

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My Personality Essay

One of my defining personality traits is curiosity. Thus, it is not surprising I am always trying to learn something new and place huge emphasis on facts when it comes to decision making. I realize one may be influenced by his emotions when making decisions which is why I place...

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Responsibility Essays

James E Risch is a Republican senator from Idaho who has been serving in this role since 2009. One important factor in determining personal and social responsibility in a politician is to look at the contributions that go into the election/campaign funds he relies on. The top 5 contributors to...

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A Letter to My Dear Friend Aylmer

My dear Aylmer: I was so pleased to hear of your marriage. I often thought you would never take a bride, but from what our mutual friends have told me, Miss Georgiana is a prize worth the wait you have endured. However, I am concerned about one matter, and I...

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Speaking English

I came to the U.S. for undergraduate studies about six years ago. While my English language skills have, indeed, improved, I still consider myself an average English language speaker. My accent is almost as noticeable now as it was during my early years in the U.S. I must say I...

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Deep Consequences of a Shallow Mind

There was once a time (in the beginning) when material wealth was my king and donuts had no power over me. Cakes and cookies could whisper my name and flirt with me through decorated store windows, but I paid no attention. They could release constant sprays of their wonderful aroma,...

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Curious Dog Letter

Dear Christopher: I found your way of viewing the world very interesting, but there are some points where I disagreed with your conclusions about other people’s behavior. For example, you compare the way people think to the way computers work and say that “the mind is just a complicated machine.”...

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Inevitable Supermarket Mayhem

Visiting the supermarket should be fun or at least not such a bother. Everything is so colorful in the supermarket. There are bold and bright signs inviting customers to sales on every isle. There are balloons floating high with soft music whispering from the ceiling. The staff is dressed in...

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Garbage – Personal Essay

In analyzing my garbage from the past week, I have learned that my garbage says a lot about me, and also my habits. I have always thought of myself as a fairly healthy person, but based on what is in my garbage can, one might disagree. I believe I learned...

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Failure Experience

Failure is not something one desires but then life doesn’t always impart its lessons in the most pleasant manner. I know this from personal experience because some of the most important lessons I have learnt were only made possible due to less-than-ideal situations. I am a perfectionist and strong work...

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Embracing Own Ability

I have always dreamt of working hard in school, attain good grades, join college and succeed in life. According to the advice and knowledge I acquire from my parents and also the teachers, the key to success is all about working hard and concentrating in studies to achieve good grades....

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Hogwarts Letter

Dear Mom and Dad, Life in Hogwarts School is not only entertaining, but it also a place where I learn lessons and life experience. I’m learning there is far more to life than just living it. To illustrate, learning about magic at Hogwarts has made me realize how much of...

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Responsibilities vs. Desires

1. Examine and state ‘HOW’ your moral predicament is one (what vs. what). Be specific and consider the influences of everything mentioned in #2 above. You should also review the Hedonic Calculus categories and resulting consequences when weighing and considering your potential choice of action. Life requires personal choices to...

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Accounting Statement of Goals

I might never have become interested in Accounting if I didn’t have a love for Math and numbers. When my family was still living in Vietnam, they operated a coffee business and I was the obvious choice to manage accounting tasks. I would help them with various financial aspects of...

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My First Time In America

Millions and millions of Americans have either immigrated to the United States or had their ancestors do so. Those immigrants came for many reasons, such as escaping tyranny in their home country, to find a better financial future, or just to seek a better life. Many times, their first experience...

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Personal Case Study: Infancy And Early Childhood

From the information about infancy (0-2) and early childhood (2-6), add to your personal case study. Be sure to include the theories! Add the two sections:Infancy:  What do you know or what can you ask your parents/caregivers about your development from 0-2 years? Evidently it is almost impossible to remember...

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How to Write Excellent Personal Essays?

Have you ever read an essay that vividly described a person or place and felt like you were in that location? That is what personal essays do. They do not just tell, but clearly describe through plenty of details. In this post, we will help you answer two questions: “What is a personal essay?” and “How to write a personal essay?”

Definition of Personal Essay

A closer look at the personal essay definition in a dictionary reveals it is the broadest and freest form of literature. To put it broadly, a personal essay can be broken down into two forms: opinion and narrative. It provides an account of the writer’s experience.

If you look at many personal essay assignments, you will realize they require writers to write about crucial events, important people, nature, or interesting era of their lives. The primary goal is providing a vivid narration so that the reader can understand and experience the events or objects being highlighted in the essay.

Writing Winning Personal Essays

Although a personal essay might sound simple to pen, many are the people who find it an uphill task to craft good pieces. Here are the components that you need for a winning essay.

Seek Assistance when Writing a Personal Essay

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