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Introduction My future career aspiration is to become a big data analyst. Concisely, a data analyst is charged with the collection, processing, as well as the statistical analysis of data. Nonetheless, a bid data analyst deals with a much larger selection of data as compared to a data analyst, and...

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Just as many other people, I have acquired my religious affiliation as a Muslim from my family. My grandparents from both sides were Muslim, and they raised my parents Muslim, too. Similarly, all of my uncles and aunts were raised Muslim. As for my cousins, as part of our family,...

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It has always been my life’s ambition to become a medical doctor. Although I have taken a circuitous route towards that goal, I have never lost sight of what I want to dedicate my life to. Even more specifically, I want to specialize in obstetrics and gynecology because of its...

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There is nothing more valuable nor life changing than a college education. This is particularly true of a graduate degree, which can be likened to the difference between a mountain and a mole hill. I am very conscious of the decision I have made to advance my education. The choice...

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From a young age I have been fascinated with the law and legal practice and had a fervent desire to one day become a practicing lawyer. The main motivation behind me pursuing a career as a lawyer is based on my own particular idiosyncrasies in analytical skills and meticulous attention...

516 words

Design is something etched into the nooks and crannies of my being, much more so than the average student. In fact, I remember as a child I would steal away anything I could, whether it was a crayon, marker, or pile of rocks to create something with. Design has always...

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Imagination is very evasive and very difficult to define, because it is unique for each person on this planet. Imagination is one of the most human and therefore most unique concepts in the universe, which is known to us. We do not know whether animals or other living creatures have...

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Ever since I was a young girl growing up in China, I knew that one day I was destined to travel the world. I spent hours pondering what I would do with my life and how I would ever manage to leave my home country to realize my dreams of...

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There have been so many great people in history that it is a challenge to pick one but still some stand out more than the others due to their relevance to the times we live in. One such person is Mahatma Gandhi and he especially inspires me due to his...

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How to Write Excellent Personal Essays?

Have you ever read an essay that vividly described a person or place and felt like you were in that location? That is what personal essays do. They do not just tell, but clearly describe through plenty of details. In this post, we will help you answer two questions: “What is a personal essay?” and “How to write a personal essay?”

Definition of Personal Essay

A closer look at the personal essay definition in a dictionary reveals it is the broadest and freest form of literature. To put it broadly, a personal essay can be broken down into two forms: opinion and narrative. It provides an account of the writer’s experience.

If you look at many personal essay assignments, you will realize they require writers to write about crucial events, important people, nature, or interesting era of their lives. The primary goal is providing a vivid narration so that the reader can understand and experience the events or objects being highlighted in the essay.

Writing Winning Personal Essays

Although a personal essay might sound simple to pen, many are the people who find it an uphill task to craft good pieces. Here are the components that you need for a winning essay.

Seek Assistance when Writing a Personal Essay

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