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Personal Essays

My Personality Essay

One of my defining personality traits is curiosity. Thus, it is not surprising I am always trying to learn something new and place huge emphasis on facts when it comes to decision making. I realize one may be influenced by his emotions when making decisions which is why I place...

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Responsibility Essays

James E Risch is a Republican senator from Idaho who has been serving in this role since 2009. One important factor in determining personal and social responsibility in a politician is to look at the contributions that go into the election/campaign funds he relies on. The top 5 contributors to...

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A Letter to My Dear Friend Aylmer

My dear Aylmer: I was so pleased to hear of your marriage. I often thought you would never take a bride, but from what our mutual friends have told me, Miss Georgiana is a prize worth the wait you have endured. However, I am concerned about one matter, and I...

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Speaking English

I came to the U.S. for undergraduate studies about six years ago. While my English language skills have, indeed, improved, I still consider myself an average English language speaker. My accent is almost as noticeable now as it was during my early years in the U.S. I must say I...

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Deep Consequences of a Shallow Mind

There was once a time (in the beginning) when material wealth was my king and donuts had no power over me. Cakes and cookies could whisper my name and flirt with me through decorated store windows, but I paid no attention. They could release constant sprays of their wonderful aroma,...

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How to Write Excellent Personal Essays?

Have you ever read an essay that vividly described a person or place and felt like you were in that location? That is what personal essays do. They do not just tell, but clearly describe through plenty of details. In this post, we will help you answer two questions: “What is a personal essay?” and “How to write a personal essay?”

Definition of Personal Essay

A closer look at the personal essay definition in a dictionary reveals it is the broadest and freest form of literature. To put it broadly, a personal essay can be broken down into two forms: opinion and narrative. It provides an account of the writer’s experience.

If you look at many personal essay assignments, you will realize they require writers to write about crucial events, important people, nature, or interesting era of their lives. The primary goal is providing a vivid narration so that the reader can understand and experience the events or objects being highlighted in the essay.

Writing Winning Personal Essays

Although a personal essay might sound simple to pen, many are the people who find it an uphill task to craft good pieces. Here are the components that you need for a winning essay.

Seek Assistance when Writing a Personal Essay

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