The specific theorist that I identify with is Florence Nightingale. This is because I believe that the patient environment is important in management of patient’s health. There are different environmental factors that may affect health including pure water, fresh air, efficient drainage, sufficient food supplies, light and general cleanliness of the patient environment. My personal nursing philosophy is therefore important in helping me meet the goals and objectives of providing high quality care to patients. The personal nursing philosophy is based on provision of high quality care that is patient centered.

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My education and interaction across different cultures has helped me in developing awareness of patients’ as well as healthcare professionals’ spiritual beliefs and values. Through my education and experience, I have learned about culturally competent care. This does not only focus on the patient but also on the other healthcare professionals who we collaborate with in handling some of the complex conditions that are presented by patients. I believe that my beliefs and values positively influence the quality of care given to patients. I do not believe in discriminating against any patient or professional based on their cultural or religious background. This has helped in fostering good relations with patients and my colleagues. I intend to develop a deeper understanding and awareness of patient and healthcare professionals’ cultural and spiritual beliefs.

The Baccalaureate Generalist Nursing Practice specialist will have a positive impact on my future proficiency. This is because through the program I will learn about physical, psychological, socioeconomic, spiritual and environmental factors of health and the interrelationship between these factors. It is noted that modern healthcare practice is evolving and nurses and other care professionals are confronted with many challenges which they require multidisciplinary collaboration in order to find a balance between these determinants of health. The program will also help me in better recognition of genetics and health. This is important in screening and diagnosis of some of the health complications that will be presented to me. The program will also reinforce the importance of using evidence-based methods in my nursing practice so that the decisions I make will always be based on the best available evidence. This will help us to easily work together in monitoring client outcomes and ensuring that the quality of health of patients is improved.

While in school I maintained the focus and ensured that I consulted a lot in order to ensure that I identified the different skills sets that I needed in order to be successful in the industry. One of the things that I have learned in my academic experience which is important in real world practice is communication. Communication is important for the successful management of patient conditions. I have learned the important of cultural competence in promoting effective communication with patients. I have also learned the importance of collaboration in promoting patient support systems. The other issue that I learned in my academic work and which is relevant in practice is provision of compassionate and patient centered care. I have learned the important of focusing care on the perspectives of the patient and ensuring that the patient interests are always considered while delivering care. In my practice, I wish to focus more on patient education and advocacy to prevent some of the conditions that affect patients. I intend to do this especially among the low income patients who are worst affected by the determinants of health but who may not have the money to purchase quality healthcare. I believe that these efforts will help me in provision of holistic and patient-centered care that understands human growth and development.