My desire and ambition to join university and be counted among the best was fueled as I was growing up, where my family encouraged me to study hard and be like one of the most learned people in China capable of instituting much-needed positive changes in our society. By observing the environment around Los Angeles and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where the architecture is influenced by UCLA, I believe my choice to apply for UCLA is well informed. Specifically, I chose to apply for an Architecture Major at UCLA because of the institutions’ industry and international orientation as well as global awareness in relation to its provision of architecture and art courses.

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This is against a background that includes my love and experience in art and decoration as well as a deeper desire to transform the Hong Kong urban landscape into an environmentally friendly city to rival the one I have experienced in the Bay Area. The glaring differences between the two geographical spaces especially in terms of pollution ad eco-friendliness further ignites my passion in seeking advanced knowledge that will help me to change the landscape into an eco-friendly environment, which I believe can only be adequately provided at UCLA.

UCLA’s industry orientation, as a motivating factor for my application, is based on the fact that the fast-paced modern environment requires that knowledge from educational institutions be compatible and specifically applicable to real-life situations. By collaborating with renowned industrial partners in the field of arts and architecture, UCLA will provide me with opportunities not only to acquire and utilize industry-relevant architectural knowledge but also a chance to kick-start a lucrative career at a young age. My friends believe that UCLA provides a gateway to more specialized and high quality knowledge through participation in architecture at graduate level, which further makes me wish to study at UCLA as it offers advanced studies. I also like the how the institution uses state of the art equipment and provide knowledge on advanced technologies in architecture and urban design which will expose me to relevant practical knowledge and experience. With such education, I would be able to address issues of pollution by making urban places into eco-friendly environments where resources are used wisely and shared accordingly.

The influences of globalization have and continue to necessitate that knowledge and skills be applicable on a global level or incorporate a global perspective, which implies awareness and consideration of varied external elements bound to enhance one’s viewpoint. LA’s and UCLA’s architecture shows its eco-friendly landscape which I would like to produce in other areas like Hong Kong where such expertise, which I can only gain from UCLA, is needed. As a place where students are bound to acquire knowledge and skills, which are applicable on a global scale accompanied by great potential for positive outcomes, I think my choice of UCLA is spot on.

With a strong industry orientation as well as use of advanced technologies and equipment, I would like to study at UCLA because it is identified as a leading player in modern architecture especially when one of the greatest cities (Los Angeles) acts as the students’ model learning environment. Basically, I believe myself to be a hard and smart worker with the desire to improve my education and work experience, and a goal for overall, positive personal and professional development, which makes me a prime candidate for UCLA. With a strong industry and global orientation as well as use of advanced technologies and equipment in relation to architecture, I believe UCLA will aid me to achieve my goals while positively changing society into eco-friendly aware.