Design is something etched into the nooks and crannies of my being, much more so than the average student. In fact, I remember as a child I would steal away anything I could, whether it was a crayon, marker, or pile of rocks to create something with. Design has always fascinated me. The ways that trees are formed just so to create a path in the midst of a dense forest makes a wilderness that much more inviting. Just as a carefully crafted network of roads etched into a busy city makes the city that much more inviting, and utilitarian to the people that live there.
I studied at Eastbourne College while attending high school. During this time I took art courses, DT for GCSE and Alevel. I am interested in taking a design course so that I can get into the BA program that I want to pursue. I am currently studying a foundation course at the London College of Communication. I am hoping to get into UCAS within the next one year, and continue my studies in design. Ultimately, my goal is to pursue a career in design.

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Design never requires that you remain the same. Rather, it is ever evolving and ever changing. It is the one career that requires a student to expand and grow with the times, and with culture. It involves a creative process that entails constant learning and adaptation. It is very much parallel to the human growth process. Human beings throughout their lives are ever evolving and ever changing. I feel that we as individuals must always expand our horizons and adapt to the cities we live in, the people we interact with, the places we live in and the world at large. We can reflect our culture, our growth, our identity and that of the world around us through design.

This is one reason that design has always interested me. I also feel it is a tremendous avenue of expression. In my work, I am inspired through many different styles including simplicity of design and minimalism. I hope to be able to share this on acceptance and pursuit of my career through your university. Thank you for your time and consideration.