My name is Aneta Toma, I was born and brought up in Iraq, and since the time of all the troubles there, my parents had to go through a great ordeal in order send my sisters and myself to America where can live in safety. I have been resident here for around seven years, and since arriving, I have been determined to follow my dream of having a worthwhile and successful career in the field of healthcare. As I am Iraqi, and did not speak English when I first came here, I was often picked on and misunderstood. Yet all the traumas that I went through ultimately helped me, as they built my character and made me become stronger and more determined. I have known for a long time that I possess the ability to make people feel comfortable, and this was the case when I was given my first first job, at Tim Hortons. I adored my customers, and they would always share their stories with me. I currently work at CVS Pharmacy, and I love my position. My pharmacist is wonderful, and highly respected by everyone. She is my role model because she is so professional and hard working. She knows her patients extremely well, and genuinely cares very much for them. They love taking to her because she is familiar with their medical history, and incredibly knowledgable.
I have wanted to play a role in healthcare since my early teens, and have a couple of inspirational family members who are in the medical profession. Now, since working at CVS Pharmacy, I know that destiny has put me on my career pathway. I am really enjoying the patient care experience and am now accustomed to helping people of all age groups from around 18 to 85. I am fascinated with everything to do with pharmaceuticals, from the various trial phases conducted by the researchers, right through to FDA review and post-market safety monitoring. I enjoy reading the pharmaceutical publications, and keep abreast of cutting-edge research and new developments in the field. I am also enthralled by the idea that once I am qualified I will be of service to others, and able to assist patients who have queries, and in conjunction with their physician, help them find the most suitable type of medication for their condition. Ultimately, my vision is to be on the front line of healthcare, serving as a head pharmacist in a community pharmacy, where in addition to my standard duties, I will be able to help others by being a confidant and a problem-solver. I know that when I interact with clients, I will be in a privileged position to ameliorate or clear up their condition or disease, help them with their dosage, and guide them in any way I can.

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I am very much looking forward to pharmacy school, and broadening my studies in the chemical, physical and biological sciences, along with math and calculus, as these are all areas that I have a strong interest in. I am also anticipating enjoying learning about drug action mechanisms later down the line. Clinical orientation is another very important field that I look forward to doing in the future.

I am fully committed to the Pharmacy School program, and am ready to adapt to any challenges. I intend to work extremely diligently in order to attain good grades, as I know that these are imperative if I want to have a successful future and the career of my choice. I also want to make my university professors and family proud of me.