It is with great enthusiasm that I apply to the accelerated nursing program. I am a creative, energetic, and ambitious individual with experience supporting diverse populations. I am also bilingual, which I feel will definitely helping me in the working environment. I received my preliminary Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. I am now very eager to pursue the Accelerated Nursing Program at your University. I am confident that my skills, talents, and experience will meet the demands of this rigorous program.
Nursing is becoming a much more difficult profession to get into, although I feel it has always been challenging. Despite this, I feel it is very much worth the effort. In my judgment, nursing is one of the most rewarding professions, and it is the most important goal related to my educational pursuits. I am eager to grow into this field. My goal in studying is to enhance my knowledge and to expand my skills so that I can pursue nursing fully. I have a background in providing personal counseling and dedicated, reliable service to the clients that I’ve worked with on a daily basis. I have also helped build trustworthy relationships with the clients I’ve worked with during my career. In counseling it is often difficult to build trust. It takes a steady, empathic nature and genuine character. As a nurse, I feel these skills are critical to one’s success, in addition to learning practical skill in the profession. I have many years’ experience in health therapy, which I feel will easily transfer to the nursing profession.

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My background includes working in a psychiatric hospital, at Kids Peace as a child’s care counselor for two years, where I worked to help ensure the well-being of children ages 5 to 21 years old. Here I provided comfort, personal counseling, and children’s therapy, while also performing crisis intervention duties. I also provided services as a therapeutic staff support agent (TSS) for two years, where I provided children with one-on-one behavioral health interventions in the home, school and in their general environment. This experience provided me with valuable experience in crisis intervention, emotional support and behavioral strategies, skills I can certainly transfer to the nursing field. I also learned how to develop relationships with not only clients, but their family members.

In my present role, I work as a field interviewer for a research company. This helped me gain skills talking with diverse people on a daily basis. I enjoy working with many people from all walks of life, something that is an essential skill for a nurse. I feel these skills will prove invaluable as a nursing professional. In my job, I visit the homes of low-income mothers applying for home-visit services. My company’s current goal is to determine how home visit services can enable better welfare for their child. I am adept at making observations and asking open-ended questions.

Although my path to finally choosing nursing was not always clear to me, I am now positive that nursing is the ideal role for me. I feel my background in psychology will help me gain even more insights in nursing than the traditional nursing student. My work experiences have helped me develop exceptional team building and working skills. Team skills are necessary to communicate well with other healthcare professionals, including other nursing staff, physicians, and members of the administrative staff. I have learned to use my team skills in the different and unique positions I have worked previously. I have also developed exceptional communication skills while working as a counselor and intervention strategist. I have developed the ability to work through very difficult problems. I understand how large a difference good problem solving skills can make when caring for people and their families.

I also understand how challenging it can be when families are experiencing difficult times. This is a period when families are at their most vulnerable. In this environment, one must develop compassion and empathy to assist family members, and patients cope with the uncertainty of an illness or other problem. I am enthusiastic about taking on this challenge, and helping others including other team members do the same. I am looking forward to learning more about the nursing role, and how I can integrate my skills, talents, and education in this new environment. In the future, I am considering taking on a role that specializing in Pediatric nursing. My experiences center on children’s health; thus, this seems most practical. Much of my experience in counseling has centered on children’s counseling. I may also take on a role in mental health nursing, as I have also done a lot of work in interventional or behavioral counseling. I am eager to learn more about the possibilities that lay before me. I feel my experiences as therapy will only assist me in better understanding not only my patients, but my role as a nurse. I may even be able to transfer these skills at some point into a teaching role, given that I have an advanced education in this capacity. I have several experiences that have led me in this direction. I hope that I am able to jump into the program at your University as soon as possible, as I look forward to furthering my education. I look forward to taking on the program with as much enthusiasm as possible.

I am hoping that following completion of my studies, not only will I be able to find active employment but that I will be able to offer something more to the community that has served me so well. I can achieve this in many ways, through awareness projects and through community service. Through these actions, I hope to make a difference in my community. Thank you for your time and consideration.