From a young age I have been fascinated with the law and legal practice and had a fervent desire to one day become a practicing lawyer. The main motivation behind me pursuing a career as a lawyer is based on my own particular idiosyncrasies in analytical skills and meticulous attention to detail in regards to my academic work. Furthermore, I have a deep set desire to one day use my legal knowledge to help others who find themselves in dire and unjust circumstances.
My drive to help support and give something back to the community through pursuing a career as a lawyer was reflected in the large number of hours I dedicated to community service in high school (100+ hours). Indeed, a large part of my life is spent trying to give something back to the community, from donating goods for the needy, to give lectures at mass and dedicating time to wrap presents for the poor.

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With this mentality, I excelled through my short year at Nassau Community College where I continued to strive towards a legal career. Indeed, my passion for law and legal research motivated me to establish a club in my college called American Leaders in Law. The aim of this group was to bring together others who shared my passion for the law as well as to further develop analytical skills within a group setting based on current issues connected with the law. Part of this process involved discussing case law and the function of a common law system in order to become aware of pertinent legal issues that affect the public.

Being a goal driven individual, I decided to graduate a year early to make my dream about becoming a lawyer that much closer to becoming a reality. Indeed, my passion to become a lawyer and work closely with a diverse number of individuals has increasingly grown over the last year, and after making my college experience as fulfilling as possible, I am now ready to begin the next leg of my academic journey by attending law school. Indeed, with the right opportunity to help foster and develop my legal skills of reasoning I am adamant and confident that I will successfully achieve all my academic goals.

While I am fully aware that a legal degree, the legal training and practicing as a lawyer day to day is a high demand for most people, I know I have the ability, drive and ambition to actualize this goal. Not only would this allow me to give something back to the community I would serve, but also allow me to reach my full potential as a younge lawyer. Indeed, as a lawyer, I will be able to use my experiences to help people solve problems and achieve their own goals.

My hard work and dedication through college has made a huge difference in both my academic achievements my personal life. As an ambitious young student I am passionate about law and a future vocation in a legal practice and am sure given the right opportunity to study law, I will surpass all expectations.