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General Purpose: PersuasionSpecific Purpose: To give an explanation as to why we need to adopt the animals from the shelters. Supposing you were homeless, how will you feel? Will you feel safe? Will you feel comfortable? I guess not. This case applies to the homeless animals. On the streets of...

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Immigration is an incredibly controversial topic right now. The United States government is especially challenged when it comes to children; right now the government is struggling to formulate proper and humane policy to deal with hundreds of children crossing over the Mexican border without their parents. Education and English language...

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The U.S. public talks a lot about their children excessively playing video games these days. It seems in every family a kid is growing up who is into video gaming and prefers the latter to any other kind of entertainment. Ms Jane McGonigal, an accomplished video games designer, observes that...

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We all have fond memories of growing up while listening to fairy tales. Fairy tales appeal to children because they help them better understand the world in their own ways. Some of the themes shared by a significant proportion of fairy tales include good vs. evil, the benefits of hard...

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Martha McSally’s puppies and Kelly Kutala’s Naked Truth campaign adverts are both good examples of well-designed adverts. In Martha McSally’s puppies advert, the targeted audience is the youth. This is why a puppy was used and usually the youths or the younger generation is the one that associate itself with...

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In the United States, there exists a preference among doctors to “do no harm.” While this general rule provides the framework for modern medical practice, it also contributes to the country’s feelings on euthanasia. When older people are trying to let go of life, some argue that they should be...

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In many schools in the present society, students encounter more than one history class. The classes cover a significant ground that ranges from studying about the ancient Mesopotamians to the end of Cold War after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the modern society. Despite acquiring all these knowledge...

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Dear Peter, Am writing this to clarify some issues of contention on a discussion you hold dear. I would like to ascertain that indeed there is a difference between philosophy and theology. I have carried out research to clarify there is a difference between theology and philosophy. This was arrived...

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Minimum wage in America has become a hot button topic. Minimum wage workers have usually been comprised of students who are part time workers; however, with the recent economic downturn and loss of regular jobs, more former professionals have been forced to make ends meet by taking positions that only...

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The Art of Writing Great Persuasive Essays

Oratory has been a tool to move persons to action, to convince and to reinforce ideologies. Just like a great orator can move his listeners to action through his skilful use of words, voice inflexion and gestures, a great essay can have the same impact on its audience. However, a writer does not enjoy the luxury of reading his article to his audience, so, it is imperative that the writer uses the tools at his disposal to move his audience to action.

To be able to do this, it is necessary that you first know that persuasive writing definition is incomplete without including that the writer seeks to establish the legitimacy of his stance using logic and reasoning. However, there cannot be only one correct persuasive essay definition. Hence, there are different ways of answering the question ‘what is a persuasive essay?’

Tools that must be employed in Persuasive Essay

Logic and Reason

These two should be the foundation on which you build your entire essay. In fact, you cannot have one sans the other. They are the foundation on which your essay is developed, and the steel frame that holds your entire essay. The entire writing should be permeated by logic and reason. How do you develop logic and apply reason simultaneously?

A time tested way of doing this is by researching reliable data that support your position. Regardless of how hopeless a stance may seem, it can be defended with reliable data backing it. Getting the data is just the first step in the process. The next step is proving the reliable data truly apply to or back your stance. This is not just repeating pre-stated views but by convincing your audience that there are valid reasons for applying the data to back your point.

The importance of these tools cannot be overemphasized. Please, do not shy away from making research. Dig as deep as you can to establish a basis for your stance, then apply that fact to build your viewpoint.

Finding data that back your point is not enough. It will be very good if you go further and get data that discredit the converse opinion. That way you are not only reaffirming your position, but you are also establishing doubt in the mind of your audience as regards the contradictory stance. The data that you will use to destabilize opposing opinions should be reliably sourced as well.

Use Proper Structure in Your Persuasive Essay

Basically, essays have the same structure; introduction, body and then conclusion. As mentioned earlier, your viewpoint should be made known right from the start. The remaining part of the essay should be used in developing your stance and winning your audience over to your side.

The discussion of a proper structure is incomplete without the mention of grammar. All your systematically developed arguments will be for nothing if the essay is riddled with bad grammar and spelling. Use spell checkers generously. If possible write a number of drafts before the final document so you can reduce the number of errors.

It is also good to use punctuations effectively. Punctuations such as the exclamation mark add emphasis to a statement, quotation marks render authenticity to your writing as you quote verified sources and even the proper use of question marks helps the reader to pause and think. Really, punctuation marks give voice to your essay.

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