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Studies have shown that large amounts of people believe that small emissions come out of our eyes while viewing the world around us. Researchers have asked people to sketch looking at an object, and most drew arrows or lines coming from the eyes to the objects (Lilienfeld, Lynn, Ruscio, Beyerstein,...

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Advocacy persuasion campaigns and political persuasion campaigns while having different agendas share several similar attributes. The main goal of both of these campaigns is to convince the public that one’s point of view or product is better than the competitor. They also use similar channels to address the public such...

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In trying to convince another person they should include more physical activity in their day, or anything else for that matter, my approach would need to be different depending on their relationship to me. Richard Shell and Mario Moussa point out that persuasion is the art of winning people over...

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Do you know that the simple foods sold on our streets can lead to serious health problems such as lack of energy, heart attack, or even cancer? As we know, fast foods have become part of the modern diet that not many people can do without on a daily basis....

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Mission, Leadership, Benefits and Costs, Political Agenda, and Why Choose? This persuasive essay aims to convince the readers of why fellow students should choose one of the following professional organizations: American Association of Nurse Practioners (AANP), National Association of Nurse Practioners in Womens Health (NANPWH), or Association of Womens Health,...

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Gay marriage is the union between two people of the same gender identity and same biological sex. Gay marriage has received support in the recent years from some people who are seeking legal recognition through initiatives known as marriage equality (Rauch, 2004). For so many years, same sex unions have...

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I. Introduction Is talking about sex funny? Are you getting timid if your peers are starting to chat about sex with you? Do you think you know much about sex? If not, I can assure you your life is in potential danger as every year US female teenagers experience as...

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Reading is the process of going through a series of symbols which are written in order to comprehend and get the meaning from them (Vicki, 2006). While reading, an individual uses eyes to receive symbols that are written, like letters and symbols, and use the brain to comprehend and receive...

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The purpose of attending public school is to gain an education at no cost to the student that will provide the basis for entering the job market or pursuing a higher degree at a community college or university. However, the public school system has become a breeding ground for inequalities...

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The Art of Writing Great Persuasive Essays

Oratory has been a tool to move persons to action, to convince and to reinforce ideologies. Just like a great orator can move his listeners to action through his skilful use of words, voice inflexion and gestures, a great essay can have the same impact on its audience. However, a writer does not enjoy the luxury of reading his article to his audience, so, it is imperative that the writer uses the tools at his disposal to move his audience to action.

To be able to do this, it is necessary that you first know that persuasive writing definition is incomplete without including that the writer seeks to establish the legitimacy of his stance using logic and reasoning. However, there cannot be only one correct persuasive essay definition. Hence, there are different ways of answering the question ‘what is a persuasive essay?’

Tools that must be employed in Persuasive Essay

Logic and Reason

These two should be the foundation on which you build your entire essay. In fact, you cannot have one sans the other. They are the foundation on which your essay is developed, and the steel frame that holds your entire essay. The entire writing should be permeated by logic and reason. How do you develop logic and apply reason simultaneously?

A time tested way of doing this is by researching reliable data that support your position. Regardless of how hopeless a stance may seem, it can be defended with reliable data backing it. Getting the data is just the first step in the process. The next step is proving the reliable data truly apply to or back your stance. This is not just repeating pre-stated views but by convincing your audience that there are valid reasons for applying the data to back your point.

The importance of these tools cannot be overemphasized. Please, do not shy away from making research. Dig as deep as you can to establish a basis for your stance, then apply that fact to build your viewpoint.

Finding data that back your point is not enough. It will be very good if you go further and get data that discredit the converse opinion. That way you are not only reaffirming your position, but you are also establishing doubt in the mind of your audience as regards the contradictory stance. The data that you will use to destabilize opposing opinions should be reliably sourced as well.

Use Proper Structure in Your Persuasive Essay

Basically, essays have the same structure; introduction, body and then conclusion. As mentioned earlier, your viewpoint should be made known right from the start. The remaining part of the essay should be used in developing your stance and winning your audience over to your side.

The discussion of a proper structure is incomplete without the mention of grammar. All your systematically developed arguments will be for nothing if the essay is riddled with bad grammar and spelling. Use spell checkers generously. If possible write a number of drafts before the final document so you can reduce the number of errors.

It is also good to use punctuations effectively. Punctuations such as the exclamation mark add emphasis to a statement, quotation marks render authenticity to your writing as you quote verified sources and even the proper use of question marks helps the reader to pause and think. Really, punctuation marks give voice to your essay.

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