It is one of the largest independent non-profit organizations that actively enlighten the general public about the most dynamic topics, trends, and attitudes that define the global society. It plays a defining role in the education and sensitization of the American citizens, by conducting accurate research methods to pass on relevant information that most of its respondents, commonly utilizing the technological context to advance their deeds. The organization’s key strength is the attraction of stellar talent to manage their activities, famously known for not choosing any position in the course of their operations. It increases their credibility, generating an astounding foundation of facts, which alter the social and even political classes of America and beyond. It is their efforts which have made the general public more aware of their decisions, thus increases the mass intellect of Americans.
Also, the enormous pool of funds at its disposal is another major factor explaining their relevance today. The entity also attracts donors who contribute funds to sustain and maximize the objectives of the organization. It is these adequate financial resources which enable ground-breaking research, since gifted scientists are awarded grants to confirm their theories, making an indelible contribution to the wider international scientific community. Without support from such organizations, the scientific field would miss notable American scientists like Stephen Hawking. These research endeavors utilize the best methodology to collect, analyze and report information to the American public.

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On the other hand, sometimes these organizations face challenges such as the awkward experience of having fewer and fewer respondents from their sample populations. Some research, especially regarding political contests have appeared misleading, such as in American politics, where the polls did not show the widespread support of Ted Cruz over Trump.