Since I was a little kid, I’ve always been awed by chemistry and medicine. I loved my science classes where we always mixed different chemicals and to create new substances. I was also impressed with how the pharmacists made medicine so quickly. After doing some research on it, I became intrigued with careers in pharmacy because it seemed to strongly coalesce around my most interested topics, chemistry, biology, and medicine. Because of this, I decided to pursue the goal of becoming a pharmacist and earning the Doctor of Pharmacy degree because it can help me get better job placement as well as provide me with better opportunities as I look for a job in the pharmaceutical industry.

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While I’m not exactly certain which type of job I’d prefer in the pharmaceutical industry, I do know that I am greatly intrigued by it and think that it’s the right thing for me to be chasing right now. As a student, I really tried to work my hardest in learning the basics of biology and chemistry because I knew this would be the groundworks for a career in pharmacy. While I will say these classes challenged me more than I expected, I can also proudly say that I’ve learned more from them than what I expected as well. That being said, these classes aren’t enough to push me to my goals, so that is why I am pursuing a pharmacy degree. My grandmother always told me to pursue my goals and dreams without doubt, as living a life full of doubt is possibly the worst thing you could do. Therefore, instead of just getting a job and move towards stability, I’ve decided to roll the dice and follow my grandmother’s advice in pursuing my goals.

Using my goals as a personal motivator, I pushed myself extremely hard to prepare myself for the next step in my career and it certainly wasn’t a cake walk. That being said, I know that I will be tasked with much harder things in life so I need to take challenges day by day and not get too caught up in the moment. That being said, living life, to me, is one of the most precious things you could do, and this mindset allowed me to meet many acquaintances along the way. If I were not to pursue this path, I probably wouldn’t have met so many terrific people who share the same interests as me. Additionally, I’ve also learned a ton from my professors who absolutely have acted as mentors for me. Like I said before, my short-term goals probably equate to obtaining the pharmaceutical degree.

However, I’m not quite sure what my long-term goals are right now. I don’t exactly know what type of job I’d like to pursue, and am still researching what would be best for me and the skills I currently have. As for goals as a person, I’d like to visit more places and see more cultures in order to become a more knowledgeable person. I think that traveling is a great way to not only have fun but see different places and people. Something about that resonates with me as I think it’s a great way to know where I am as a person and reflect on what I’ve accomplished. That being said, I plan on pursuing my degree and advancing my career first as that’s what I’ve planned out.

As for experience, I’ve worked as a pharmacy technician for three years and have learned quite a bit from this. When I first started working, I didn’t know how to do many of the daily tasks, but as I learned from my boss and coworkers the ins and outs of the job, I gained valuable experience that I will be able to utilize in the future. Moreover, upon being hired, I had no clue how to mark down orders or do any other basic task. However, now I can proudly say that I can complete all tasks that a pharmacy technician is assigned. I believe that this experience with all the procedures qualifies me as someone who is a motivated leader who loves to get things done. I plan on using this experience to not only learn more but teach others who I have come to know. I love teaching my friends and colleagues as they have done so for me.

My mom always told me that doing something that you really love and have a passion for is the most important thing to find in life. If you do this, then it won’t feel like a job and more of a hobby that you are excited for. Believe me, I’ve seen many people unhappy with their jobs, and I don’t want to end up like them because I don’t think I’d have enough stamina to endure. And while many young people switch jobs and majors, I believe that a pharmaceutical career is the right thing for me because it’s something I’ve been passionate about since I was a little kid. This passion has only grown through high school and into college. For many, a passion or a hobby usually dies out and new ones emerge. However, this passion that I have has always been within me, and that is why I believe that I will eventually reach my end goals thanks to my motivation and love of the field to get there.