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Pathopharmacology of Depression

The pathophysiology of many diseases, including psychiatric disorders such as depression, can be viewed from several different levels of organization. At the level of the synapse, depression appears to be accompanied by changes in neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, 5-HT (related to serotonin), and dopamine. On the level of neural pathways,...

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Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacies are mostly ran by professional pharmacists to prepare and dispense drugs to patients within a healthcare premise. These pharmacies stock diagnostic, curative, and preventive medications, of which majority are not present in the traditional drug stores (Paradkar and Chunawala 21). Astonishingly, drugs that hospital pharmacies stock are exclusively...

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Medication Administration Errors

Medication administration errors represent a serious problem in the health care field. While the majority of medication errors are not serious ones, some of them result in significant mortality and morbidity for the patient. Background and Significance of the Problem Medication administration errors create a serious health risk to patients....

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Charles Best: A Canadian Chemist and Cofounder of Insulin

Background informationCharles Best was born on February 1899 to two Canadian parents; Herbert Best and Luella Fisher. Charles married Margaret Mahon in 1924 in Toronto (Marble, 2011). They had two sons who were Henry and Alexander. While Henry became the president of Laurentian University in Ontario, Alexander became a politician...

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Why I Want to Become a Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist has been my life’s dream. This is a professional goal that I set for myself early in life along with deciding upon the best college to fit my academic pursuits-Florida A&M University College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. As I have pursued these academic and professional goals,...

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