Becoming a professional in medical field is the biggest dream of my life since I was in high school. Becoming a pharmacist would help me achieve my dream because I want a career that helps people. It is a career requiring a fundamental core of knowledge about pharmaceutical science of chemical medication in human body as well as a passion and care of professional to patients ingesting the medications.
My opportunity to make my dream became possible when I immigrated to the United States, one of the most developed countries about medical field. Struggling with the language barrier is a challenge that can make studying difficult, but I turned my fear into motivation to work harder. I was able to rise the challenge and prove to myself that it is possible to overcome any challenges if I know what I want to achieve at the end.

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I was ready to move further in my education by taking courses to finish the prerequisites of the pharmacy program. Even though I have a strong basic knowledge about math and science, there is always something more to learn. There is not simply solving the equation or problems, but a relationship between human body and science, and how these courses are applied in real life of helping people. In fact, I have never stopped looking for opportunities that help me to observe and understand more about pharmaceutical field. I have volunteered in a pharmacy store to have a deeper viewpoint about how pharmacists work. The more I learned about the career, my passion for this field grew.. I would ask pharmacist about the medication’s description and its classification to understand more about how each medication work in human body. In addition, through the observation, I realize that besides having extensive knowledge of medication, a good pharmacy should have a clear explanation to direct patients taking medication in appropriate way.

Being a certified math tutor at Georgia Perimeter College for two years kind helped me improve my social interaction and communications skills. I believe that these skills are necessary for my major. Moreover, I understand pharmacy also require a fundamental knowledge of science. I have built a strong foundation of this knowledge by being a member of the American Chemistry Society, an active ecology research intern at University of Georgia and vice president of my school’s science club. And, with a thirst to continue to learn about medication, I definitely can see pharmacy is my life’s work. I am hoping to be a good pharmacist who will use knowledge and kindness to empower the patients in order to get better health.

I am also aware with bureaucratic red tape in the medical industry which make it hard for pharmacists to remain true to their career’s core mission. Bureaucracy can be extremely frustrating, and sometimes, it is easy to forget about the bigger picture. However, I will try to remain focused on my customers and their needs. I believe that with my growing understanding about medication, as well as the desire to help people, will help my passion overcome the bureaucratic hassles. I respect the commitment of pharmacists of keeping their passion for the career.

I hope I’ve indicated clearly about my passion for this career. The desire to reach my academic goals and helping people are strong enough to help me work harder to handle the heavy workload in the pharmacy program. I hope that, with the help of this school’s program, that I will be able to not only achieve my goal, but also to use my knowledge to help out those who need my help.