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Objective and Subjective

The dualism associated with the subjectivity and the human mind and the objective when it comes to the rest of nature is one of opinion versus facts (Davidson, 2001). The following in part one of three takes both positions about the domain of music and considers the correctness of interpreting...

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Jean Piaget’s Biography

Born in 1896 in Switzerland, Piaget made many important contributions to both cognitive science and developmental psychology. He died in Switzerland in 1980 (Brainerd, 1996). The important factors he revealed by the development of how we develop the ways that we think included important constructs such as object permanence, developmental...

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Karl Marx and Adam Smith’s view of equality

Marx categorized a society between the ruling class and the subject class. There was exploitation of the subject class by the ruling class through small payment as the wages. The underlying reason was to maximize profits hence exploiting the working class. This describes that the relationship in between a person...

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Kohn’s Article on Altruistic Motives: Means to an End

Alfie Kohn discusses altruism in our modern society in his article entitled, The Wrong Way to Get People to Do the Right Thing (2015). His main argument is that we basically give a financial incentive to people for helping out others. Because of this incentive, people are less likely to...

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Erickson vs. Maslow

Erickson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development applies to me in many ways. The first stage is trust vs. mistrust. As my father was absent from me for much of my life and my mother and I were never close, is likely that this is my sense of mistrust comes from. Evidence...

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