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Thomas Paine – Common Sense

According, to Paine, what is the difference between society and government? Paine describes society and government as being two very different things despite the fact it has been grossly misunderstood by many writers who have attempted to classify the two. Paine indicates that society is a by-product of its citizen’s...

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Hobbes And Locke

Hobbes believes that the natural psychological state of humankind is warlike. He believes they will destroy themselves and each other without governance in which all parties agree to keep the peace. For Hobbes, the government restricts humans from doing what they want to do, which is to wage war upon...

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Locke’s Letter Concerning Toleration: A Proposal for Religious Toleration and Civic Separation

Locke’s expansive philosophy on toleration for multiple religions is useful and ethical, especially given the religious upheaval facing Europe during Locke’s time. The battle between Calvinism and Catholicism was threatening the peace of many countries. Locke definitely needed to address the actual religious climate of his time; however, his philosophy...

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The Age of Revolution: John Locke

The series of worldwide revolutions that begun in 1770, included therein the French, American, Haitian and Latin American revolutions, were clearly radical events that changed existing political orders. With these movements, an increasing consciousness was demonstrated towards issues of human rights and freedoms, directed against a hegemonic class that was...

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Plato’s Noble Lie

In Plato’s Republic III, Socrates attempts to identify justice in reference to a political system. Socrates believes justice in a political system is perfect and absolute knowledge because of the class system. He believes in this justice because education and virtue are part of the system. Rulers, also referred to...

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