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Thomas Aquinas and the Free Will

One of the prevailing topics in philosophy has been free will, and few figures have been as important in the study of free will than Thomas Aquinas. The thinker offered a number of explanations about free will, how human beings conceive of it, and whether it is truly free. To...

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Plato Philosophy Changed History

Plato is one of the greatest and most influential ancient philosophers, the founder of the first higher educational establishment in ancient Greece - the Academy of Athens, and the author of about fifty philosophical works, the most notable of them are “The Apology,” “The Republic,” and “Crito,”. Most of his...

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David Hume on the Soul and Immanuel Kant’s Reply

Explain why David Hume believes that the self does not really exist.What is Kant’s reply to Hume? For David Hume, there is no self in the way that we traditionally think of a “self”. What he means is that the self is not separate from when it is perceiving reality....

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“The Knower’s Perception Is Essential In The Pursuit Of Knowledge”

After extensive examination of the statement, it is crucial to seek answers on whether knowledge would exist devoid of a knower’s perspective. Is it possible? It is evident that knowledge defines an aspect that is known and understood by a particular individual (Heydorn and Jesudason 153). Hence, knowledge must be...

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Descartes Meditation

1. For Descartes, “imagination” differs from pure “intellection” in that imagination allows one to form a clear and detailed picture in the mind’s eye. In contrast, “intellection” refers to an intellectual understanding of something that cannot be pictured clearly, because its form is beyond concrete conceptualization. An example might be...

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