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Understanding Marx

In fact, a Marxist term that used to mark the alienation derives from the German word Entfremdung which carries both social and philosophical connotations in its meaning. In the “Theory of Alienation,” Karl Marx refers to the outcomes of living in the socially stratified society. In that regard, alienation occurs...

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What Would Happen if People Lived Without Any State Authority over Them?

Abstract The question of what would happen if people lived without any state of authority over them has been debated for centuries. Since Hobbes and his Leviathan, the philosophers have tried to find explanations to the law of nature and it influences and organizes people. Locke included the notion of...

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Karl Marx The Man Behind the Theory of Marxism

Karl Marx, born in 1818, was one of the most influential and subsequently, controversial theorists of his time. He was born in Prussia and studied economics and law at the collegiate level; however, he was far more than an economist. Instead, his theories are applicable to the world of philosophy,...

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Aristotle and Juvenile Delinquency

As children are born into society, there appears to be no way of knowing what the life of that child will entail as they grow into an age of independency and making decisions for themselves. It would seem that, given similar circumstances, all children would grow to have similar structures...

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Kant’s Moral Theory and its Applicability to Everyday Life

Both J.S. Mill and Immanuel Kant’s theories of Utilitarianism and Moral Theory, respectively, may apply to individuals’ lives and thus dictate different actions of persons based on specific situations. After learning about Mill’s Utilitarian Theory and how it aims at achieving happiness by any means, I found this did not...

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Let's stand with the heroes Ukraine

As Putin continues killing civilians, bombing kindergartens, and threatening WWIII, Ukraine fights for the world's peaceful future.

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