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Fourth-century philosopher Augustine is well-known for being a devout Christian, and his “Confessions” work is a beloved piece of theological writing. However, he was not initially raised in a Christian household, and his own writings recounted him living a life dominated by physical pleasures. This is part of why it...

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Socrates’ Theory of the Human Soul and its connection to the Ideal CityUrban Sprawl and Resource Availability

In Phaedo, Socrates stated that he “[has] a firm hope that there is something in store for those who have died, and, as we have been told for many years, something much better for the good than for the wicked" (“Socrates & the Human Soul”). This quote is a succinct...

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Euthyphro and Apology

Plato presents Socrates’ experience of being discriminated and wrongly judged by Athenians as a result of his philosophical criticisms concerning some religious beliefs. Socrates believes that the wisdom Athenians possess is false as they are not able to explain some religious beliefs and practices. This is proven in Euthyphro’s attempt...

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Bouwsma on Descartes’s Evil Genius

O.K. Bouwsma intends to examine what he calls Descartes’s boast, namely that the latter is capable of falsely believing all manner of things, including the existence of physical objects, and (at least initially) elementary truths of arithmetic. Like his hero Wittgenstein, Bouwsma is not content to make a philosophical contribution....

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Descartes and The Evil Demon

Rene Descartes was a metaphysics philosopher. He thought about the ways that we can know what is real and what is not real. In order for him to figure out what is real and not real he thinks that it is first necessary to remove any kind of doubt that...

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