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David Hume and Immanuel Kant on Self

David Hume is a philosopher, economist, essayist, and history who is known today for his radical skepticism, naturalism, and philosophical empiricism. Immanuel Kant is a philosopher who is considered a vital figure in modern philosophy. The purpose of this paper is to analyze two core questions. Explain why David Hume...

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The Moral Perspective in Kant

The conception and the development of a particular moral standpoint or point of view is a crucial part of Kantian ethics. The particular view adopted by Kant forms the basis of his understanding of the moral subject as it exists in the actual world, alongside the duties and responsibilities which...

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What is the value of Socratic doubt or “knowledge of ignorance”? 

Socratic doubt, the knowledge that we know nothing, can help us become stronger and better people. The value of the Socratic doubt is that we are not living an unexamined life. For Socrates, ignorance is not bliss. He was a gadfly to ignorant society, constantly “stinging” people to examine what...

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Descartes’ Meditations: Dreaming and Evil Demon Arguments

Descartes is philosophizing in his study when he sets out to remove all assumptions from what he knows. Descartes strips away all knowledge that is empirical first. He notices that his table looks different in different lights, that the ball of wax he is able to manipulate is at one...

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American Philosophy Essay: Madison vs Fuller

The goal of this essay is to contrast the ideas of James Madison, his views on human rights, and those of Margaret Fuller’s. Margaret Fuller’s work described women in the 19th century and it is felt they contrast to a high degree with the work of James Madison. The contrast...

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